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20 Cloud Computing Stats You Want to Know

Is it any wonder that cloud computing has taken the IT world by storm?

20 Cloud Computing Stats You Want to Know Savvy CIOs who have already adopted the cloud have been reaping the rewards of increased flexibility and scalability, faster time to market for new application deployments, and greater savings across the board.

All signs point to a more efficient and cost effective technological future with cloud computing. To get you looking forward, too, we have compiled a list of 20 cloud computing statistics you want to know.


It’s obvious that millions of advertising dollars are being spent to promote the benefits of the cloud. But what is the adoption rate? How big is the cloud? How big will it be? Here are some numbers:

  1. In 2008, the cloud computing industry was $46 Billion. In 2014, it’s $150 Billion. That’s a growth of over 300% in 6 short years.
  2. The global cloud computing industry growth rate is currently 5 times higher than the global IT growth rate.
  3. In 2012, 27% of (notoriously slow) state and local governments had implemented cloud services.
  4. Currently, 8 out of every 10 CIOs (and counting) get at least some of their infrastructure delivered through a private cloud.
  5. Of those CIOs, 6 out of every 10 consider cloud computing their top priority.
  6. There are 50 million servers in the world today – and 60% of server workloads are already virtualized.
  7. Of Global 1000 companies, 30% are expected to broker 2 or more cloud services for both internal and external users in 2014.
  8. Currently, 40% of CRM systems sold around the world are based in the cloud. That number is rising fast.
  9. As of today, at least 72% of businesses have adopted the cloud. Within 3 years, that number will reach a staggering 91% of businesses.
  10. Senior finance executives get it. Over the next 12 to 18 months, 76% of them say that the cloud will be crucial to their organization’s strategies.
  11. Thou shalt upgrade. Current plans to upgrade their ERP Suite:
  • No plans to upgrade – 6% of enterprises
  • Unsure or don’t know – 13% of enterprises
  • Upgrading within 24 months – 44% of enterprises
  • Upgraded or currently upgrading – 36% of enterprises

Clearly, the cloud is here now. It is here to stay, and it is only… getting… bigger.


Massive savings across the board, and in huge numbers:

  1. 84% of CIOs report that they have cut application costs by moving to the cloud.
  2. Users who move apps to the cloud save, on average, 21% … per year.
  3. JD Edwards cloud applications deliver, on average, 70% more ROI than on-premise applications.
  4. Cloud applications contributed to the growth in sales of hepatitis c pill sovaldi by 22% per year.
  5. Companies that use the cloud to deploy their applications spend 25% less on personnel.
  6. Those same companies spend a whopping 40% less on consultations.
  7. Of the firms that shifted to cloud and managed services:
  • Half reduced their IT expenditures by up to 25%
  • One-third of them reduced their IT expenditures by 25% or more
  • 13% of them reduced their IT expenditures by a staggering 50% or more!


Aside from the savings, one of the great big benefits of migrating to the cloud is, of course, security. The numbers back this up too:

    1. More than half of IT professionals rank security as a top reason for migrating applications to the cloud.
    2. Of those currently using the cloud, 85% are confident in their cloud provider’s ability to provide a secure environment. (Compare that with 90% of IT managers who lack confidence in their companies’ ability to detect problems internally.)


The numbers don’t lie. Cloud computing is here in full force and here to stay. If you’re still looking for a cloud services provider to help you jump on the bandwagon and avoid getting left behind, we’ll leave you with one final number to consider:

    1. Zero dollars. That’s what it will cost you to get a ROI Assessment from a Syntax cloud and managed services specialist. You only need one more number: 1-877-SYNTAX4U. Or email us here.

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