SaaS for JD Edwards

Tap into the power of the Syntax Cloud

For many companies, spending capital on the technologies required to run their business limits their ability to stay current and be competitive. In addition, the traditional application software delivery model places significant demands on an organization’s often limited technical resources both during and after implementation. As a certified Oracle SaaS partner, Syntax can help you overcome these challenges by tapping into the power of the Syntax Cloud. The Syntax cloud offering alleviates the need for your company to acquire, configure, manage, and continually update and upgrade the required hardware, database, and software needed to run your application software. Furthermore, by investing in the SaaS solution, the investment is categorized as operational vs a capital investment. Whether you are new to Oracle JD Edwards or are off of maintenance and interested in re-licensing, SaaS is a viable option worth considering.

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Syntax SaaS for JD Edwards

The Syntax enterprise cloud for JD Edwards is the fastest, most reliable cloud specifically engineered for JD Edwards, by JD Edwards experts.

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Key Benefits

  • Investment Protection
  • Subscription-based
  • No Hardware to buy, upgrade, and manage
  • Scalable Hardware Deployments
  • Predictable Monthly Payments

For as low as $250 per user/month Syntax’s JD Edwards SaaS offering includes:

  • Fully Hosted Solution in the Cloud
  • Managed Services (Infrastructure + CNC)
  • Implementation Services Including:
    • Technical Consulting
    • Application Consulting
    • Development
    • Project Management
  • JD Edwards SaaS Software Licenses
  • Technical Support

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