iSeries Cloud

With Syntax remotely monitoring and responding to system events and logs, you will mitigate risk of downtime, as necessary actions can be taken swiftly based on your predetermined procedures. Syntax managed services can help you control costs while getting the most out of your infrastructure investment.

Syntax offers a complete suite of managed services for IBM iSeries (also known as Power i or AS/400) customers, designed to lower the total cost of IBM i ownership. Our customers benefit from a well-trained, always available team that can manage select tasks or provide end-to-end remote support of your IBM environment.

Here’s how Syntax Managed Services can help support your infrastructure:

  • IBM iSeries OS Support
  • Windows support
  • VMware / virtualization support
  • SQL / Oracle database
  • Infrastructure performance tuning
  • Monitoring of error logs and event logs
  • Monitoring of vital server functions
    • Processor utilization
    • Disk utilization
    • Memory utilization
  • Monitoring communication lines (network)

Syntax Infrastructure support will allow you to reallocate your IT workforce to more valuable business activities.


Start saving money on your IBM iSeries with a move to the syntax enterprise cloud

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