Enterprise Care

EnterpriseCare is a cost effective, intelligent, and proactive monitoring tool for your ERP. EnterpriseCare runs deep within your ERP to diagnose issues and optimize your system performance before your users are affected.

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Features include:

  • Job Monitoring

    Send notifications straight to your IT team based on predefined settings and track E1 batch environment for:

    • Job failures
    • Queuing
    • Critical jobs
    • Scheduled jobs
    • Subsystem jobs
  • Log Monitor

    Conquer your logs and expedite resolution time:

    • Quick algorithm monitors logs based on multiple filter and stages
    • Sends error notifications and weekly summaries
    • Delivered with pre-defined list of bogus JDE error messages for JAS/HTM and Enterprise Servers
    • Supports any text based file
  • Virtual User

    Obtain virtual insight of end-user performance by:

    • Simulating users on different sites using multiple remote agents
    • Simulate end-user actions (Log-on/Log-out) (Open/Close Applications)
    • Eliminating performance hit of the first user after restart/package builds
    • Sending notifications on HTTP errors and defined thresholds
  • Data Integrity Monitor

    Alert your team to integrity issues and monitor sales data integrity like:

    • Invalid items on sales orders
    • Invalid item branch on sales orders
    • Invalid branch plant on sales orders
    • Invalid dates on sales orders
  • Database Monitor

    Detect performance bottlenecks you may have missed by:

    • Monitoring all database logs, backups and blocking
  • Reservation Monitor

    Oversee user record reservation with:

    • Alerts on stale records
    • Automatic deletion of stale records
  • Technical Purges

    Send notifications with a summary of your configurable retention policy. Save on disk space and eliminate unneeded data by purging the following items to preserve integrity:

    • Batch related tables and print queue
    • Workflow and work center messages
    • Logs and temporary folders
    • Orphan security records and user overrides
    • Scheduler, package, and security history
  • Monthly Report

    EnterpriseCare reports on environment changes and best practices compliance, its monthly report also includes:

    • Insight into the major points of CNC concerns and system modifications
    • Provides visibility of environment compliance trend over time
    • Report is distributed monthly via email in a polished PDF report
    • Comparable with an in-depth CNC audit
  • The Auto Updater

    Work cohesively with your Syntax Auto Updater by:

    • Keeping all modules and files up-to-date
    • Running as a service and updating Syntax nightly
    • Delivering updated master log monitor filters/lists
    • Syntax also checks for Auto Updater updates automatically twice a week
  • Call Home Capabilities

    Syntax EnterpriseCare proactively monitors itself and ECS is notified in real-time when:

    • Errors/exceptions occur on any Prism module/function
    • Updates are not properly installed
    • Improper configuration occurs

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