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Achieve Better Results Faster with Oracle CRM On Demand

Businesses of all sizes get better results faster with Oracle CRM On Demand. Results such as a 200 percent increase in sales pipeline, 100 percent user adoption, 36 percent improvement in opportunity-to-win ratios, and doubled revenue growth.

Built for rapid deployment, high user adoption, and ease of configurability, Oracle CRM On Demand provides a fast, low-cost hosted CRM solution for companies looking to transform customer-facing business processes, enhance performance, and drive growth.

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1. Rapid Time to Value

With Oracle CRM On Demand, deployment is quick and easy, requiring virtually zero IT resources. You'll get your organization up and running on this hosted CRM solution faster than with other solutions-and you'll start seeing the benefits faster too. Oracle CRM On Demand is the most versatile way to quickly and inexpensively extend a proven CRM solution to every department, user, and initiative across your enterprise.

2. High User Adoption

Oracle CRM On Demand delivers advanced functionality to your end users, enabling you to evolve your customer-facing business processes. Your users will do their jobs more easily and see results more immediately. With Oracle CRM On Demand, salespeople can identify opportunities faster and close more business. Service people can resolve service requests more quickly. Marketing professionals can deliver more-effective campaigns at lower costs. As users begin to enjoy their CRM success, they become internal champions, making it easy for you to extend CRM into other departments. The result? Better communication and collaboration across departments-which helps you build stronger relationships with your customers.

3. Easy to Configure

Oracle CRM On Demand is a complete, out-of-the-box solution that's easy to tailor to your unique needs. Intuitive customization tools are embedded into the application, and the Yahoo-like interface makes it easy for administrators and business users to modify the product on their own to support their needs and business processes. Oracle CRM On Demand's advanced level of configurability eliminates the need for expensive customizations. It also allows for easy expansion as usage increases and more users begin to enjoy the benefits of Oracle CRM On Demand

4. Most Comprehensive Solution for Sales, Service & Marketing

Only Oracle CRM On Demand includes world-class analytics and a prebuilt data warehouse as part of every subscription. Everyone in your organization has access to up-to-the-moment business intelligence, with real-time and historical prebuilt and ad hoc reports, interactive dashboards, and flexible drill-down capabilities that provide actionable insight at every level. And Oracle CRM On Demand provides prebuilt industry solutions, leveraging Oracle's deep industry expertise and technology leadership to ensure that industry-specific functionality is built in at all application levels-not just the user interface. Regardless the size of your organization or the industry you're in, Oracle CRM On Demand provides strategic CRM that brings fast results to your company-and better relationships with your customers.