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SNC Lavalin, ProFac poised for

growth with System i and JD Edwards

2011-06-15 Syntax and IBM i turn on enterprise capabilities for midsized companies - Article

2011-05-26 Syntax Achieves Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialization for Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies - Article

2010-11-02 Syntax Achieves Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialization for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management

2010-10-27 Does this sound familiar? Marketing teams often suggest that they create the majority of the leads in the funnel but sales doesn't get to them quickly enough--and marketing investments are wasted. Yet... Sales teams complain that marketing doesn't fill the funnel with enough qualified leads. As a result, they have to cold call to create most of their own leads, which takes away valuable time from selling. So what is the solution? More sales ready leads at a lower cost...

2010-10-27 Want to keep tabs on the Oracle JD Edwards leadership team? Lyle Ekdahl and others from the JDE management team have set up a Twitter account @OracleJDEdwards.

2010-10-15 Syntax is pleased to announce that we are one of a very elite group of partners worldwide that have been accepted into the Oracle  JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management Specialization.  The Financial Management Specialization identifies Syntax as a preferred partner of Oracle as a result of our high level of certification and success with JD Edwards products.

2010-09-28 Quest International Users Group - New Website

2010-09-28 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 Fulfillment Management Now Available!

2010-09-03 Virtualization on IBM Power Systems - Success can be simple...

2010-08-17 Announce Day - IBM i: Sometimes these things come and go without anything specific for IBM i customers but not this year. With the August 17 announcement, IBM i customers have had three very big announcements in 2010.

2010-08-11 New video from Oracle: What Does Sales Productivity Look Like?

2010-07-22 Syntax Joins with Oracle to offer Oracle CRM On Demand

2010-06-29 What If You Could Reduce Service Time By 75%?

2010-05-11 IFRS Financial Systems Considerations


2010-05-10 SAP Business One 8.8 - An Integrated Solution


2010-04-28  IFRS.com: US adpotion of IFRS


2010-04-28 CIO.com: How to Turn IT Staff Into Business Participants


2010-04-28 IBM: Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet


2010-04-28 CIO Magazine Blogs and Discussions: Inside IT Outsourcing Outsourcing Contracts Are on the Rise


2010-04-27 CME News: Sun rising not setting on Canadian manufacturing


2010-04-13 Syntax posted Spring/Summer 2010 Oracle University training calendar for JD Edwards, visit our training page in the menu above for more information


2010-03-10 Syntax achieves the VM Ware Infrastructure Virtualization Competency


2009-05-13 Euro-Excellence Doesn’t Want a Sugar Coated Solution. Selects Syntax to implement and support SAP Business One.


2008-04-30 Ruud Lighting Canada Powers Up for Future Growth With Syntax and SAP


2008-01-14 Syntax is expanding their Oracle JD Edwards practice into the North Eastern US


2007-11-27 FP/SAP Canada Midmarket Survey: Business links technology to innovation


2007-11-26 Hosted Solution Eases Transition to new JD Edwards Environment


2007-09-26 SAP Business One and Brookdale Treeland Nurseries, Sowing the Seeds for the Future.


2007-09-26 Discover leadership at the leading edge with high-powered solutions


2007-09-26 Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World


2007-08-15 Oracle University JD Edwards Training


2007-06-05 Why investing in software beyond your means will pay off


2007-05-01 Syntax Celebrates 35 Years of Excellence in IT Business Solutions


2007-02-15  Oracle partners launch Accelerate Solutions. Some of Oracle Corp.'s channel partners are launching solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and local governments as part of the Oracle Accelerate program.  


2007-02-15  New Oracle Channel Plan Targets SMB The Accelerate rapid implementation program to help partners sell to small and medium businesses  


2007-02-14  Oracle Partners Launch First Oracle Accelerate Solutions Small and Medium Businesses and Local Governments to Benefit from Low-Cost, Low Risk Application Bundles


2007-02-14  Oracle plan aims to accelerate SMB vertical sales Oracle is accelerating its Accelerate program to make SMB solutions an easier, and faster, sell for partners.  


2007-02-13  Oracle Partners Launch First Oracle Accelerate Solutions Small and Medium Businesses and Local Governments to Benefit from Low-Cost, Low Risk Application Bundles


2007-02-13 Syntax launches Oracle Accelerate Solution for the Industrial Manufacturing, Products and Components industry utilizing Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (Adobe PDF File)  


2007-02-08   Syntax Receives Top Honors at SAP's North American Partner Meeting      


2006-06-12   Syntax Announced as Oracle Approved Education Provider for JD Edwards  


2006-02-21   The Royal Conservatory of Music Inducted Into IBM Canada iSeries Hall of Fame