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The Ultimate Private Cloud for ERP.

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The Award Wining Syntax Enterprise Cloud®, Built & Tuned for Oracle JD Edwards

You can rely on Syntax Enterprise Cloud® solutions for JD Edwards to deliver what Enterprise Application stakeholders value the most: superior, reliable performance at a predictable cost.

Syntax has built and tuned our Enterprise Cloud for ERP, and our JD Edwards architecture provides superior performance at reduced costs, eliminating the “cost vs. performance” trade-off that executives frequently find themselves forced to make.

With hundreds of satisfied JD Edwards customers throughout North America, Syntax’s industry leading Enterprise Cloud delivers unprecedented uptime, application speed and operating efficiency by integrating best-of-breed storage, server, networking and middleware technology.

Customers can choose from Syntax’s multiple secure cloud options, allowing you to configure the JD Edwards cloud solution that best suits your business needs and budget.


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Private Cloud Customers
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On demand IT environment
Secure and Reliable
7 year private data retention
Private cloud
Scalable platform
designed for high i/o throughput
reduce operational complexity

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A Commitment to Superior Support and Service

When you migrate to the Syntax Enterprise Cloud®, you don’t simply gain access to the industry’s most secure and robust JD Edwards Cloud platform, you also gain a true business partner that is committed to ensuring that your investment in ERP delivers ROI.

Every client benefits from an identified Client Success Manager (CSM) whose first responsibility is to align all Syntax Enterprise Cloud® resources to your benefit. Assigning a dedicated CSM gives you one point of contact, ensuring that you know the people servicing your environment and, more importantly, it ensures that our team understands your business.

Each CSM begins by conducting a SWOT analysis of your environment. Based on those results, your CSM will develop a plan of action that both remediates any issues detected by the SWOT and outlines proactive steps to optimize the performance of your JD Edwards applications.

Performance Driven SLA’s

Syntax backs its promise to delivering superior service by committing to performance based SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).

Most SLA’s from ERP hosting providers simply outline incident response times and dictate that the production environment will remain on line.

In contrast, Syntax’s SLA’s go beyond offering those basic guarantees by committing to pre-defined performance metrics that ensure that your JD Edwards instance always has the capacity you require. Syntax SLA’s also cover the CNC & technical services required to run, maintain and patch with Oracle best practices for JD Edwards.

The Syntax Enterprise Cloud – Built and Tuned for JD Edwards

The Syntax Enterprise Cloud® gives you a Cloud platform that provides access to the best-of-breed in enterprise computing technology.

Syntax uses VMware for High Availability on all tiers, making live migrations possible for all Syntax hosted JD Edwards intel environments. Syntax optimizes the hardware and server configurations to your specific JD Edwards requirements.

Syntax also guarantees you 99.999% storage availability with our EMC and IBM All Flash Storage arrays.

Take Your First Step to JD Edwards Cloud Success

The Syntax Enterprise Cloud® provides you with an end-to-end cloud ERP solution that will help you reduce cost, leverage new technology, and gain access to senior level JD Edwards support whenever you need it.

Migrating your JD Edwards applications to the Syntax Enterprise Cloud® will mitigate the risk of system outages and provide your business with a scalable platform that will grow with your business.

Take the first step to ensuring the success of your next JD Edwards Cloud initiative.

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