Syntax Welding Supply & Gas Distribution

All the Facts at Hand.

The Syntax Welding Supply & Gas Distribution System (SGD) is designed to provide answers for the people who need to know, serving every department in your company and your customers as well. Powerfully. Simply. Completely. Featuring an extensive and dynamic data base of information combined with strategic inquiry capabilities and powerful exception reporting, SGD ensures instant access to the information your company depends on to move ahead – and stay ahead. And therein lies the reason why thousands of IBM mid-range computer users in hundreds of companies sign on to SGD every single day.

No mater who’s asking the questions.

The President

“When I need information, I want it fast and I want it to be current. Week old data doesn’t do me any good. In some cases, for that matter, neither does day old! Whether it’s sales and profitability analysis or inventory status, I need to know now. Right now!”

The Inside Salesman

“I’m on the phone with a customer who urgently needs several different items-each at a specific price. What’s more, he wants to know the status of a back order from last week. Meanwhile, I need to know if what he wants is available, and if I can sell them at the prices he’s asking. I’ve got to have the lowdown on his credit too. And how much did he pay for these items last time?”

SGD Order Processing. Generates Sales, Maximizes Profit.

This high-performance sales generator combines powerful price and costing capabilities with instant access to vital customer and product information. It offers the ultimate in functionality to deliver the ultimate in productivity. Authorized users can even generate Purchase Orders from within Order Entry. Best of all, it goes to work – adaptable to order desk, data entry department, remote hand-held devices, PCs, or customer dial-in.

The V.P. of Sales & Marketing

“There’s a lot I need to know. Like who were our most profitable customers last quarter? And what are our most profitable products? Other times I might want to track the performance of a certain salesman. And that’s just a sampling of what I’m usually after.” SGD Sales Analysis. Up-To-Date, Up-To-The-Minute.

Executive summary information or detailed analysis, the SGD Sales Analysis Module has the answers you need – when you need them. And with reporting and on-line inquiries available in thousands of permutations, you can strategically measure sales, profits and performance at every level of your business with ease. As well, high-function links to executive information systems allow you to transform report data into powerful graphic displays.

The Buyer

“My supplier is closing for a two week vacation. What should I buy now to allow for that? Is there surplus inventory in another warehouse or do I need to buy? What other products should be added to the purchase order to win the supplier’s best price- or to allow me to reach a minimum reorder level? Are there any special customer orders I need to fill?”

SGD Inventory Management and Purchasing.

Tomorrow’s Data Today. This powerful module goes beyond traditional “re-order point” reporting to optimize your buying decisions and fully automate your purchasing environment. Using sophisticated Minimum and Economic Order Quantity logic, it keeps track of current order demands and “special buys”, generating purchase orders for you. Add the unique, on-line Future Scan and Surplus Stock Analysis features and you’ve got an unbeatable edge. SGD Inventory Control. All the Facts Fast. The Inventory Control module combines broad product status information and transaction audit trails with an array of features to increase your productivity. The Physical Count “Snap Shot”, for example, lets you resume inventory transaction while count entry and verification are still in progress.

SGD Inventory Control.

All the Facts Fast. The Inventory Control module combines broad product status information and transaction audit trails with an array of features to increase your productivity. The Physical Count “Snap Shot”, for example, lets you resume inventory transaction while count entry and verification are still in progress.

The Credit Manager

“Which credit situations demand our attention today? Have we received the cheque the customer promised for this morning? What happened the last time I called?”

SGD Accounts Receivable Follow-Up

It’s the ultimate tool for credit management as this module monitors and controls the entire collection process. It logs customer calls and collection letters – and notes the results. And to keep you on top of every situation, the recall reporting mechanism ensures customers are called when they should be.

SGD Accounts Receivable. The Bottom Line, on Time.

From Advanced Bank Deposit and Cash Application Processing to Credit Control, this remarkable tool dynamically manages this critical aspect of your business. With Extensive Aged Trial Balance reporting options, you receive the right information at the right time.

Your Distribution Solution. Your Total Solution

At Syntax, the heart of our business is distribution – and the quality of the software we produce reflects it in every way. The fact is, nobody understands the breadth and depth of the durable and non-durable good industries better than Syntax. From manufacturing through point of sale, the Syntax Distribution Management System outperforms them all, ensuring your business and your IBM system perform as never before. SGD modules effectively cover the entire spectrum of your business world:

  • Order Processing
  • Telesales
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Sales Analysis
  • Inventory Control
  • Inventory Management and Purchasing
  • Units Control – Serial Number, Batch or Lot Number Control
  • Assortments/Kits/Assemblies – Bill of Materials Processing
  • Short Form Manufacturing
  • Assembly Manufacturing
  • Formula Manufacturing
  • Point of Sale
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Receivable Follow-Up
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Equipment Rental
  • Vendor Price Update
  • Deals Module
  • Cycle Billing
  • Archiving

Syntax Speaks Your Language

Syntax software meets the business demands of today, and those of tomorrow as well. It communicates seamlessly with every challenge and advance that may come your way, including:

  • Voice recognition systems
  • Fax machines
  • Notebook and Pen-based computers
  • Synon Enabled
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Suppliers’ and customers’ computers
  • Telephone systems
  • Hand-held terminals
  • Paperless warehouse systems
  • Bar coding systems

How Do I Know if SGD is Right For My Company?

  • If you are a distributor of durable or non-durable goods…
  • Or a distributor with your own manufacturing and packaging facilities…
  • Or a distributor with your own retail outlet…
  • Or a manufacturer with a distribution network…
  • Or a retailer with a large wholesale distribution business…

…SGD is your software edge in an increasingly complex and competitive business world.

Beyond Conventional Distribution Software.

The Syntax Welding Supply & Gas Distribution System innovatively eclipses conventional distribution software with unparalleled versatility, flexibility and cost-efficiency. With SGD, you have the power to do more: Improve sales and customer service. Manage inventory and receivables. Increase individual and overall performance. With SGD, you have the power to excel, it easily adapts to your specific needs with a unique series of user-maintable system parameters. Built to both your current and future requirements, SGD grows as your company grows.

Easy to Install. Easy to Use.

Syntax customer-service experts speed and simplify SGD installation and implementation:

  • tailoring the product to your company’s needs;
  • training your staff to exploit its power to the fullest;
  • helping the successful integration of SGD into your company’s environment.

SGD is also easy to use – with pull-down menus, pop-up windows, action bar processing and cursor sensitive help text.

What’s more, Syntax stays with you, ensuring your system keeps pace as your company and your marketplace evolve – offering a full range of strategic planning, project management and training services. And, naturally, as new developments occur, Syntax provides product upgrades and enhancements to meet your needs in ever-changing times.

Uniquely architected to help you manage your business and increase your business.

The Syntax Distribution Management System: Advantages That Work To Your Advantage – and Your Customers’.

  • Innovative, advanced design
  • Instant, easy access to information
  • Improved service for your customers
  • Increased productivity and profitability for you
  • Sales generation tools
  • Streamlined management of inventory and receivables
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Fully integrated with Syntax Financial Systems, including Accounts Payable, General Ledger

Anticipation. Collaboration. Orchestration. Solutions From Syntax.

For over two decades, we’ve quietly gone about the business of improving our customers’ businesses. An IBM Business Partner since 1983, Syntax prides itself in providing a complete package of services, experience and expertise from a single source.

Clearly, we specialize in solutions – working solutions for you and your company. And the Syntax Distribution Management System is just one of them! Let us show you how its unique features can work wonders for your productivity and profitability. Contact your nearest Syntax office now.

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