Posted On: August 13, 2013

Private Vs. Public Cloud Computing: What’s the Difference? Which is Best for You?

For years, there has been fierce debate within the tech community regarding the term “private” cloud, many considering it to be an oxymoron since a cloud computing infrastructure is operated outside of a company’s internal network.

While both public and private clouds can offer scalability, reliability, availability and performance, the main difference is that public clouds do not have the same security levels or service level agreements that private cloud companies can offer.

What is a Cloud Environment?

Starting with a basic definition, cloud computing entails servers running software services which can be accessed quickly by a user through the Internet. A lot of these types of services are metered, which means that they are paid for on an as-used basis by the user.

Examples of cloud services include email, customer relationship management application software and enterprise resource planning application software. Because the customer accesses these programs through their cloud provider (who owns the hardware and software), the hard costs associated for the customer are nowhere near what they would be if purchased and run in-house.

Public Cloud Services

Public cloud services are run over the Internet and are potentially accessible to the general public. Examples of large public cloud services include Amazon EC2, Gmail, Office365 and Dropbox.

Private Cloud Services

Private clouds, deliver IT resources from within the corporate firewall, under the control of the IT department. Private clouds limit the number of users who have access to applications or data.

A private cloud is similar to the public cloud, in that it enables the key benefits of cloud computing (pooled resources, self-service, elastic, usage-based) however you own it, it runs in your datacenter or your cloud services provider’s datacenter if you opt for a hosted offering.

Syntax Cloud

The Syntax Cloud is designed to securely host your business applications and support mid-to-large sized business needs. Our private cloud can improve operational efficiencies, mitigate risk and reduce costs for your business. In addition to providing cloud computing services, Syntax’s proven methodology (backed by the implementation of best industry practices) will ensure the stability of the cloud ecosystem and the availability of resources.

A custom-tailored cloud computing infrastructure developed by Syntax gives you the benefit of an on-demand IT environment that is highly secure and built to accommodate growth.

Read more about Syntax Cloud Services.

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