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Be in the Know with an Oracle EBS Patch Impact Analysis

Patching – it’s a necessary function to keep your applications running flawlessly as bugs reveal themselves in your EBS environment over time.  However, despite its importance in maintaining a healthy system, the question is often asked, “what will this impact?” Oracle E-Business Suite patches vary in size.  Some may only be a few kilobytes and […]

Migrating Enterprise Workloads to OCI — A Practical Approach for Oracle E-Business Suite and JD Edwards

Lower TCO. Greater agility and scalability. Better availability and security. You know the arguments for moving enterprise workloads to the cloud. Yet real-world, legitimate issues — time, upfront costs, potential business disruption — present roadblocks that often keep businesses from making the move. Why OCI? Oracle addresses those legitimate issues with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). […]

Siebel Cloud Manager: A New Utility for Siebel CRM Migration to OCI

Siebel Cloud Manager (SCM) is a new REST-based continuous deployment tool, primarily designed for customers to simplify the Lift & Shift of their existing Siebel Enterprise from source system infrastructure into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure while keeping all customizations as is. Siebel Cloud Manager can also be used for: Create/automate new greenfield deployments of Siebel CRM […]

How to Leverage the Automatic Indexing Feature in Oracle Databases

As the name suggests and simplifies, Oracle has upgraded itself with its 19c version where the Automatic Indexing feature will sense the need for indexes, will create them and drop them “automatically” without anyone’s (read DBA) intervention. It is like an in-box database administrator, sitting inside the database itself. This feature will run as a […]

What JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 22 Means for Your Digital Transformation

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 22 debuted in October 2021. The most obvious change with that update was the naming convention. According to Oracle, the new numbering scheme was driven by feedback from customers who wanted more awareness of when and how product innovations were delivered. By calling it Release 22, Oracle’s goal was to reflect […]

Getting Beyond the Top 4 Barriers to SAP Cloud Migration
Migrating your SAP system to the cloud represents a significant investment of time and financing for any business. Because of the perceived risk, many companies continue to procrastinate in making this move. By stalling, they are missing out on the significant benefits other businesses now enjoy. Let’s take a look at the top barriers to [...]
Analysis Capabilities of Oracle Advanced Compression in E-Business Suite Applications

  Data Growth Challenges The enormous and exponential growth in data volume currently experienced by organizations introduces daunting challenges and is the biggest cost element for IT budgets across most industry verticals. Business leaders must swiftly adapt and efficiently manage their existing infrastructure to control costs yet continue to deliver extraordinary application performance while staying […]

Unblocking the Digital Transformation of Your Smart Factory

Embracing the philosophy of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) was easy. Relying on data to make better decisions just makes good business sense. However, transforming the vision of that data-based ideal state into a real-world smart enterprise has proven more challenging than expected. Let’s unpack the situation. Vision of Progress or Vexed Promise? Here’s […]

Upgrading the JD Edwards E1Local Oracle Database from 12c to 19c

Oracle published a document in June 2020 that walks CNC’s through upgrading the E1Local Oracle Database on the deployment server to meet Minimum Technical Requirements/Certifications with Tools Release 9.2.4.  The original version of Oracle E1Local Database (OEE) installed with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Application release 9.2 is E1Local OEE (12c). Oracle E1Local OEE […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Partnering with a Cloud Migration Services Provider

Cloud computing has long showed promise as a source of competitiveness, based on the cost savings, scalability, and agility it affords the organizations that adopt it. Even with privacy and security concerns, the benefits accruing to early adopters made their cloud computing use cases very compelling examples to follow as a sound business strategy. Then […]