Consolidation & Virtualization

Ask yourself…

  • Are you responsive to rapidly changing business needs?
  • Do you need to reduce data center complexity?
  • Has it become imperative that you improve the efficiency and performance of your server infrastructure?
  • Are your decentralized backup processes complex and inefficient?
  • Is the availability of data and its accessibility by multiple stakeholders becoming difficult to manage?
  • Do your applications require different operating systems?
  • Would you like a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)?

Syntax has a solution…

By providing a holistic view – of consolidation and virtualization, Syntax can help customers make informed, strategic decisions. Syntax’s senior IT staff will then work with your team to create and deploy a solution that will quickly reduce IT costs while maintaining or improving service delivery and support levels.

Our solutions can combine many of the following components:

  • Cost avoidance
  • Opportunity for resource realignment
  • Increased performance
  • Faster application deployments
  • Higher availability
  • Simplified server environments


Disk Storage Consolidation

Tape Storage Consolidation


VMware (use VMware Site)

Storage Area Network

Recognizable ROI…

Lower costs: Using a virtualization strategy, data centers can lower costs by limiting their reliance on physical infrastructure.  In addition, the costs required to provision, protect, relocate and optimize workloads throughout their lifecycles can be significantly reduced.

Gain flexibility and agility: With consolidation and virtualization solutions from Syntax, data centers can provision virtual or physical workloads dynamically and automatically on existing hardware to account for changing resource requirements at peak demand times, as well as in test.

Increase server utilization: In many data centers, server hardware utilization is between 5 and 50%. Consolidation and virtualization can improve hardware utilization and significantly reduce server sprawl in data centers.

Reduce power consumption and “Go Green”: With consolidation and virtualization, you can reduce cooling requirements, lower power bills, decrease management demands and lessen the overall carbon footprint and environmental impact of your IT operations

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