Posted On: March 18, 2013

Seven Key Traits of a Good JD Edwards Partner

Whether you’re still thinking about implementing JD Edwards ERP applications or you’ve already gone live – congratulations! You’ve found a platform that can deliver a great deal of value to your business by helping you streamline and automate your business processes. And it does all of this at a low total cost of ownership.

But once you’ve found your platform, what comes next?

When many companies look for an ERP system, they also look for an IT partner that can help them manage that platform – and that’s good. But before you commit to working with a partner, make sure you’re getting everything you need.

What to Look for in a JD Edwards Partner
How can you find the right hosting provider or managed services partner to keep your JD Edwards implementation up and running with minimal impact on your in-house IT staff? Here are seven things to look for in a JD Edwards partner:

1. A Partner that can help you with all aspects of your JD Edwards needs. Many firms focus on one aspect of a JD Edwards implementation. Maybe it’s the technology component or the development piece of the puzzle. You want a partner, one partner, that can assist with all things JD Edwards, everything including:

      • Upgrades, Implementations and Migrations
      • Application, CNC and Technology Consulting Services
      • Customizations and Interfaces
      • Managed Service and Hosting
      • Servers and Infrastructure
      • Oracle University Education
      • UPK Training and Content Development

And of course licensing assistance as your needs evolve and additional applications are made available.

2. Value-added hosting. Virtually every type of application is now available as software as a service (SaaS) – and JD Edwards is no exception. If you’re serious about running JD Edwards in the cloud, you’ll have a wide range of possible application hosting providers to choose from – but not all of them offer a full range of services to help you get the most out of the cloud experience.

3. Advanced managed services. If you’d prefer to implement your JD Edwards platform behind your corporate firewall – rather than in the cloud – engaging a consulting firm to manage it can give you efficient operations and peace of mind for a predictable monthly cost. You can avoid the challenge of finding scarce IT resources and minimize the need to hire, train, and retrain a large IT staff.

4. Infrastructure design and management expertise. When you’re planning on implementing JD Edwards in-house, you need assurance that your technology partner can manage the entire process from end to end. You’ll also want to know that your partner has expertise working with hardware such as IBM Power Systems, IBM BladeCenter, IBM Storage, and IBM System x.

5. Ability to manage upgrades. During your first upgrade on JD Edwards, you’ll have a unique set of requirements. You’ll have successes to build upon andshortcomings to address. You may even be looking for ways to achieve some of the unrealized goals of your initial implementation.

6. Commitment to change management. As your business changes over time, your JD Edwards platform must keep pace. You’ll need to keep a close eye on how well your ERP system is meeting the needs of your business users, and then make the necessary changes to address any gaps. Look for a partner that has close ties with the Oracle JD Edwards team and stays on top of the latest releases in applications and technology.

7. Commitment to user productivity. Many cloud hosting providers or managed services providers simply provide the technical services you need to keep your JD Edwards implementation up and running, and nothing more. But as important as it is to ensure platform uptime, it’s just as important to make sure your business users are using JD Edwards to its fullest extent. Find a partner that can provide training and consulting to increase user productivity.

Request Your Free Assessment
The bottom line is this: your JD Edwards platform is too important to trust to an IT firm that merely offers problem fixes. So call Syntax. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we run a managed services practice for businesses that want to get more out of their JD Edwards implementations. Contact us for a free JD Edwards Assessment today. Call 1-877-968-2948 to get started.

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