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Ask yourself…

• Is the volume of the data your team manages growing exponentially?

• Do you deal with a variety of environments and data sources?

• Are you concerned about the data security?

• Is your data scattered, un-catalogued and difficult to track?

• Has your backup  capacity reached a critical threshold or is it about to?

Syntax has a solution…

Your ability to store and access data, to retain data securely, to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and to transform the data into a strategic business asset can provide the edge that puts you ahead of your competitors.

Syntax provides products and solutions that are easy to afford, deploy and operate. Our storage and archiving management solutions allow users secure and rapid access to information and data, regardless of distance, time of day, platform or workstation.

Whether your needs involve implementing large central servers or an open environment, we have the resources and expertise to support you:

• Storage Area Network (SAN) strategies

• Archiving applications and tools

• Back-up and recovery services

• Consolidation services

• Single point access management applications to monitor, manage and rapidly react to your entire computer population


Disk Systems (SAN)


Network Attached Storage (NAS)


Tape Systems


Recognizable ROI…

• Optimize resources by reducing storage complexity and improving ease of use.

• Increase flexibility to expand storage capacity and boost performance.

• Realize cost efficiencies that can help stretch IT budgets.

• Simplify data monitoring and management.

• Improve service levels.

• Minimize the costs associated with growth.

• Leverage world-class support from Syntax to help foster a competitive edge.

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