Discover the Benefits of Syntax’s EnterpriseCare for Oracle JD Edwards

You’ve invested in JD Edwards enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, and now we want you to get the most out of it.

It’s simple, do it with EnterpriseCare from Syntax.

Making sure your business is performing to it’s fullest potential without costly interruptions takes time, time that would be better spent growing your business. That’s where EnterpriseCare from Syntax comes in – it’s a cost effective, intelligent and proactive monitoring tool that helps run your JD Edwards Technology Environment. It diagnoses issues and optimizes system performance before your users are impacted. There are 9 configurable modules to assess user security profiles, job statuses, logs, data integrity reporting, among others.

If that doesn’t convince you, check out these ten reasons why choosing EnterpriseCare will take your JD Edwards investment to the next level.

1. Job Monitoring

You can use EnterpriseCare to send notifications straight to your IT team based on settings that you pick. It will track E1 batch environment for job failures, queuing, along with critical scheduled and subsystem jobs.

2. Log Monitor

It will help you stay on top of your logs and to speed up resolution time. It allows for quick algorithm monitor logs based on multiple filter and stages; sending error notifications and weekly summaries; delivering pre-defined lists of bogus JDE error messages for JAS/HTM and Enterprise Servers; and support of all text based files.

3. Virtual User

You can use it to get virtual insight into end-user performance in several ways, including by simulating users on different sites using multiple remote agents; simulating end-user actions (Log-on/Log-out) (Open/Close Applications); eliminating performance hit of the first user after restart/package builds; and by sending notifications on HTTP errors and defined thresholds.

4. Data Integrity Monitor

You can rely on EnterpriseCare to alert your team to integrity issues and monitor sales data integrity. It will let you know about issues like invalid items on sales orders, invalid item branch on sales orders, invalid branch plant on sales orders, and invalid dates on sales orders.

5. Database Monitor

EnterpriseCare detects performance bottlenecks you may otherwise miss. It can also help you monitor all database logs, backups, and blocking.

6. Reservation Monitor

Let it help you oversee user record reservations with alerts on stale records and automatic deletion of stale records.

7. Technical Purges

You can use it to send notifications that summarize your configurable retention policies. This lets you save on disk space and eliminate unneeded data by purging to preserve integrity. It will help you purge things like batch related tables and print queue, workflow and work centre messages, logs and temporary folders, orphan security records and user overrides, and scheduler, package, and security history.

8. Monthly Reporting

EnterpriseCare reports on environment changes and best practices compliance. It also issues monthly reports that include insight into the major points of CNC concerns and system modifications and visibility of environment compliance trend over time. It is distributed monthly via email in a polished PDF report and it is set up so you can easily compare it with an in-depth CNC audit.

9. The Auto Updater

It works cohesively with your Syntax Auto Updater by keeping all modules and files up-to-date, running as a service and updating Syntax nightly, and delivering updated master log monitor filters and lists. Syntax also checks for updates automatically twice a week using Auto Updater.

10. Call Home Capabilities

EnterpriseCare proactively monitors itself and is notified in real-time when errors and exceptions occur on modules and functions, when updates are not properly installed, and when improper configuration occurs.

EnterpriseCare from Syntax will help you get the most out of JD Edwards by helping you achieve maximum system availability through automated alerting and performance tuning best practices. Focus your time and resources on growing your business not reacting to system performance issues and outages!