Does Your Managed Services Provider Have the Skills to Detect Problems Before They Occur?

Even when you believe you have all your technology bases covered, unexpected software or hardware problems can strike at any time. Redundant data lines might give you the illusion of security, but you could be at the mercy of the telecom company who provides bandwidth to and from your location’s servers.

Even with daily full backups or mirrored servers, there still lies a potential for issues to occur within your hardware or network because of incompatibility, required updates, poor installations and more. A good Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help to prevent small problems from turning into colossal ones such as the following famous computer and network glitches that started out small, but snowballed into catastrophic losses for the companies involved, as well their customers.

Computer Error Costs Knight Capital Group Millions

Computer Error Costs Knight Capital Group Millions
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Possibly the largest single company loss caused by a computer glitch belongs to Knight Capital Group. Back in August 2012, Knight Capital Group lost 440 million dollars because of a computer error that caused millions of stock shares to be rapidly traded at one time, rather than over the scheduled amount of days previously set. This mishap resulted in a loss of almost four times the company’s 2011 profits. Outage Takes Down Millions of Sites Outage Takes Down Millions of Sites

Even network and domain name providers experience major problems within their network from time to time. In September 2012, and many of their customers experienced intermittent service outages caused by internal network events that caused customer router data tables to become corrupted. This caused websites to be totally unavailable for an extended period of time, resulting in sales losses.

Gmail Glitch Disables 150,000 Accounts

Gmail Glitch Disables 150,000 Accounts

“Google”, a word that is now synonymous with the word “search,” inadvertently brought 150,000 of its Gmail users to a screeching halt back in February 2011. While this represented less than 0.08% of Gmail users, the bug managed to wipe out entire accounts, resulting in a total loss of users’ emails, labels, chat sessions etc.

How could this happen when Google has multiple copies of your data, in multiple data centers? It seems a software storage update introduced an unexpected bug which caused Gmail users to temporarily lose access to their email. The issue was fixed a few days later but unfortunately some users were not able to restore their data.

Accidents will happen: Disaster Recovery Plans will minimize the Consequences
A first-class MSP looks out for you and your infrastructure, proactively reporting problems, fixing issues and having robust disaster recovery to minimize disruption to your business.

Syntax disaster recovery and high availability plan minimizes the effort associated with recovery activities, and shortens the recovery period. By performing an in-depth analysis of your organization’s technological environment, we design, develop and implement a custom technology recovery solution to ensure your infrastructure stays in high performance mode 24/7.

Syntax offers systems operations monitoring, network monitoring, incident detection and resolution, as well as backups and off site data storage backups. Hardware and software upgrades are monitored and performed regularly, as well as system and equipment upgrades. We proactively monitor the services and products in your total solution and let you know when it’s time to upgrade your infrastructure so that you continue to maximize your investment.

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