SAP Intelligent Asset Management

Once they have been connected up, production systems should ideally work like clockwork, with countless processes interacting perfectly like the cogs in a watch. However, if one of the wheels is damaged or stops working completely, the overall process comes to a grinding halt. To keep an eye on everything, identify problems at an early stage and respond in a timely fashion, companies use a digital twin in the form of SAP Intelligent Asset Management (SAP IAM).

Structure of SAP Intelligent Asset Management

SAP Intelligent Asset Management is generally based on the Asset Central Foundation. This comprises documents, images, dimensions and machine configurations and is therefore referred to as a “digital twin” in terms of master data, perfectly replicating the product as it is delivered. Once this data is available SAP IAM’s three modules complement and interact with each other:

SAP Asset Intelligence Network

SAP AIN focuses on the connectivity of a digital twin. The network allows individual stakeholders to communicate across processes, enabling collaboration at master data level.

SAP Asset Strategy & Performance Management

This module is all about the creation and modification of ideal maintenance plans. These tasks are accomplished by means of a tool-based risk evaluation and FMEA (failure modes and effects analysis).

SAP Predictive Asset Insights

Previously known as SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, this module uses sensor data to enrich existing master data. This allows rules-based condition monitoring with automated messaging.

Benefits of SAP Intelligent Asset Management and a digital twin

Integration with existing SAP systems

“From data to action” – once the vital processes have been connected to existing ERP and SAP systems in a seamless network, the data can be used to trigger actions such as automatic ordering spare parts. As soon as a tolerance is breached, an automated message is generated allowing specific maintenance instructions to be sent to the service engineer on site.

Consistent data

SAP Intelligent Asset Management is the central node for all stakeholders, where all information about assets comes together. Manufacturers can easily provide customers with the digital twin, so that operators are no longer faced with piecing together data and documents in different formats from a variety of portals.


When was a specific part last maintained, and who installed it or replaced it? IIoT-based asset management systems allow manufacturers and operators to track the unbroken history of every machine at all times. In addition, the digital twin can provide clues to patterns that may help improve quality of the overall product or discover new revenue models.

SAP Intelligent Asset Management and a digital twin: a sample application

A specialist in metal curing approached Syntax for support with a digitalisation campaign. The customer wanted to improve the transparency of their production processes for maintenance of its own ovens, but also to provide relevant SAP IAM data to its end clients in order to offer additional services as part of a new sales model. Using the Syntax IIoT Portal, we developed specific applications that implemented all of the requirements. The customer’s employees can access the AIN user interface and maintain and update data directly in the system at any time. Conversely, instead of accessing the AIN UI, the end clients have a custom UI that offers much more functionality. They can view the status of connected machines on site, and also examine individual systems and their components in detail using SAP AIN, for example if a message is received indicating a potential problem.

Syntax – your partner for SAP Intelligent Asset Management

Using a digital twin and SAP IAM to drive your maintenance strategy works best when working with an experienced partner with industry expertise in additional to the technical know-how. Syntax has been a reliable partner to medium-sized companies for several decades, understands the requirements and concerns of the manufacturing industry and offers extensive SAP services. As an SAP partner from the earliest days, we know which functions and integrations with the overall architecture make sense, and what to leave alone. The Syntax IIoT Portal comprising an Asset Management app in addition to SAP IAM provides extra value. 80% of the functionality is based on a standard app and can be implemented rapidly. At the same time, Syntax adapts the remaining 20% to the individual requirements of the customer. Our services are complemented by our comprehensive cloud computing expertise. This guarantees customers the utmost flexibility in provisioning, visualisation and utilisation of the data collected via SAP IAM.

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FAQ: Intelligent Asset Management

What is SAP Intelligent Asset Management?

SAP Intelligent Asset Management (SAP IAM) is a portfolio of products used for intelligent servicing and maintenance of industrial production facilities on the basis of a digital twin. The digital twin is created using the different pieces of master data, collected and managed in the Asset Central Foundation in the form of documents, images, configurations and dimensions. This means that companies can view the full history of all of their assets, while real-time monitoring allows them to identify the current machine states. Rules are set so that when given tolerances are exceeded a message is dispatched with specific instructions for maintenance staff who can act to prevent a machine fault. SAP IAM also facilitates collaboration and the exchange of information between all stakeholders at master data level.