SAP Business Technology Platform

The SAP Business Technology Platform is a cutting-edge cloud solution for integration and development. It allows companies to carry out migration projects rapidly and securely, connecting SAP systems and value chains across the business and effortlessly creating custom application enhancements. Among the services offered are options for integration and application development. Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and mobile services? The SAP Business Technology Platform lets companies implement SAP-based solutions in these and other areas without fuss.

What is the SAP Business Technology Platform used for?

Companies find the platform to be an essential part of their IT landscape in three key areas: integration, development of additional applications and functions for internal use, as well as enhancements that let them establish new business models.


Fast migration and integration

Whether you are migrating to SAP S/4HANA or implementing new cloud-based SAP industry solutions, the success of any SAP project is built around clean integration of technology components and business processes. The SAP Integration Suite allows businesses to make the leap from the old SAP universe to the new world of S/4HANA, connecting their traditional ERP with the latest advantages in cloud computing.

Enhancements for internal use

Alongside their core SAP system, whether operated on premises or in the S/4HANA cloud, businesses require a range of custom developments and extensions. These are built and operated on the SAP Business Technology Platform rather than being implemented in the core system. This allows companies to adapt features or bridge functionality gaps, to improve support for their business processes for example. It is also possible to develop apps, for example to allow mobile monitoring and control of production and logistics processes, or even of the cloud infrastructure itself.

Extensions for value-added services

A consistent digitalisation strategy also means exploiting existing data for new business and revenue models. The SAP Extension Suite lets companies develop extensions and offer these as an additional service for their customers, for example. The solution not only provides the necessary services and development tools, but also offers database capacity and an operating environment if required. These services can be delivered to users from the SAP Business Technology Platform at the touch of a button.

What are the benefits of the SAP Business Technology Platform?

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Fast SAP integration

Preconfigured integration packages, public APIs and templates for business processes provide excellent support for the technical aspects of SAP migration and integration projects. This reduces the workload for the CIO and the IT team, giving them the head space they need for strategic activities.

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Simple and easy enhancements

Companies can customise their core system flexibly and effortlessly, adding the functions they require without compromising the functionality and integrity of the core system. Enhancements can be implemented without needing to increase the complexity of the SAP environment unnecessarily.

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Short time to market

Thanks to fast integration, new SAP systems are productive more quickly. Enhancements and extensions can be developed, tested and published rapidly. New services and apps are effortlessly delivered to customers around the world, including with authorisation management, using the cloud infrastructure.

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Flexibility and scalability

The SAP Business Technology Platform reduces the complexity of SAP projects and allows companies to flexibly adapt and further develop their SAP systems and SAP-based offerings. Thanks to the dynamic cloud environment, there are no limits in terms of scalability.


Green light for experimentation

Since the core system remains uncontaminated, companies can try out new features and functions on the SAP Business Technology Platform without impairing their ongoing operations. They can build a complete S/4HANA system on the platform, design and test pilot systems until the solution is ready for production and integration with the core system.

The SAP Business Technology Platform in practice

Integration of SAP solutions and business processes

Syntax implemented SAP S/4HANA Cloud Essentials and the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution on behalf of its customer Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co., a joint venture of Porsche and moulding specialist Schuler. This SAP Business Technology Platform project involved integration from the top floor to the shop floor – in other words from management processes to production processes. The result is a uniform SAP system for highly flexible and almost fully digital manufacturing of vehicle body parts.

Extensions as the basis for value-added services and new business models

As part of our SAP Business Technology Platform Services, we developed a mobile app for customer service and maintenance for our customer EagleBurgmann, which provides industrial sealing technology. The app, EagleBurgmann Instant Service, uses information from the company’s SAP systems and allows its customers to access information such as documentation, repair guides and certificates simply by scanning QR codes located on certain items of equipment or components. It is also possible to order spare parts directly from the app, simplifying logistics processes for both customers and EagleBurgmann.

Enhancements for internal use

Syntax developed the Syntax Logismo app on the SAP Business Technology Platform to simplify internal enterprise logistics processes. The app brings S/4HANA logistics applications to smart phones and other mobile devices. Employees in production and the warehouse and other staff can use the app to enter data into the SAP system and query information directly on hand-held equipment. Handwritten notes and multiple trips back and forth between machines or shelves and workstation computers are a thing of the past.

SAP Business Technology Platform Services from Syntax

The SAP Business Technology Platform is a technology platform, and as such a means to an end. Anyone who hopes to maximise their benefit from it therefore requires more than just technological expertise. A key factor is experience in on-premises and cloud-based SAP systems, with their integration obstacles and the appropriate options to overcome these, along with knowledge of industry-specific business processes and what drives innovation in enterprises. This is the factor that sets SAP Business Technology Platform Services from Syntax apart.

  • We have been working with SAP systems in the manufacturing sector for more than 40 years, from the top floor to the shop floor. We know how to do integration!
  • We have already guided many different companies’ transitions from SAP on-premises systems to the S/4HANA cloud and are experienced in deployment of the SAP Business Technology Platform.
  • We understand the challenges and opportunities digitalisation brings to industrial enterprises. Our understanding of business cases and innovative business models means we can implement appropriate solutions for our customers using SAP Business Technology Platform Services.
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FAQ: SAP Business Technology Platform

What is the SAP Business Technology Platform?

The SAP Business Technology Platform is an integration and development platform in the cloud, which companies use to create, connect and enhance SAP landscapes. It consists of the SAP Integration Suite and the SAP Extension Suite. SAP offers the platform through a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, with either usage-based billing or a subscription. The most suitable billing model will depend on the parameters and specific projects for each company. Within the SAP Cloud Computing Strategy, the SAP Business Technology Platform is the instrument that companies can use to create new applications, connections and services within a cloud infrastructure around a stable SAP core.

Neo or Foundry? What development environments are supported on the SAP Business Technology Platform?

The SAP Business Technology Platform can be operated in two development environments. Cloud Foundry is an open-source platform for multi-cloud applications. Its architecture is based on containers that allow applications to be executed no matter what programming language they are written in. In contrast, Neo is a proprietary SAP system for the development and operation of Java, SAP HANA XS and HTML5 applications. In contrast to Cloud Foundry, it also supports the use of VMs (virtual machines) to integrate applications that are otherwise not compatible with the platform.
A number of factors must be considered when deciding which environment is the right one for a given business. Cloud Foundry scores highly in terms of being flexible and open, while Neo is a mature, stable product. Nevertheless, the functionality offered in both environments is constantly changing so each decision must be made on a case-by-case basis.