Syntax Industrial IoT Portal

The Syntax Industrial IoT Portal lets companies combine machine data from a variety of sources for the purpose of central monitoring and control. By default, Syntax does this through SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN). AIN creates a digital twin of the master data of each machine and component,and implements the entire asset structure. This data includes information such as manufacture date and deployment location, as well as images, drawings, servicing instructions and other documents.

In addition, the portal can be customised according to the company’s specific requirements. The options include the ability to consolidate information in order to improve the presentation. In addition, live operational data such as information on running characteristics, power consumption, temperature and wear and tear can be presented, analysed and used to trigger specific actions through a configurable rule engine, in order to generate alerts for example.

Deployment scenarios for every purpose

The Syntax IIoT Portal is suitable for use in many different areas.

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Digital Factory

Companies can use the portal to keep an eye on their own plant and machinery in one central location, ensuring smooth-running production processes and greater profitability.

New business and revenue models

Machine manufacturers are able to grant their customers access to the portal and offer new services through it. This includes, for example, the use of operational and service data as an additional source of revenue, or to increase customer retention.

New service models

Manufacturers can use the portal to transmit operational data to external field-service providers as the basis for technical support and customer service. This allows technicians and engineers to view the digital twin before travelling to service or repair the machine, and to take any spare parts they might need with them.

Benefits of the Syntax IIoT Portal

The Syntax IIoT Portal helps industrial enterprises exploit the industrial IoT for themselves, and strengthen their position in the market through digitalisation.

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Quality management

Improve monitoring and management of production and logistics processes to achieve higher quality

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Cost efficiency

Increase performance and operating times for machines and equipment, for greater productivity and profitability

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Value-added services

New business and revenue models based on additional digital after-market services

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Optimised maintenance

Reduce costs and optimise availability with predictive maintenance to improve servicing and repairs