Syntegma – the Syntax integration suite

To implement business processes across multiple systems, companies require integration platforms that ensure these systems can communicate fluently. Management and monitoring of this exchange of information is generally a time-consuming task that occupies entire teams of employees. In addition, digitalisation requires new, different interfaces compared with those the common integration platforms have previously supported. Our solution is the Syntax Syntegma integration suite.

Interface management in the digital era

Syntegma allows companies to automate and outsource the monitoring and management of their interfaces. This best-of-breed solution combines standard platforms from Seeburger and SAP as well as AWS Micro Services configured by Syntax. Seeburger is used for traditional EDI communications while SAP primarily handles exchange of information with ERP systems. AWS allows social media streams, WhatsApp messages and even production equipment to be integrated.

With this combination of systems, Syntegma can implement practically any conceivable interface and integrate almost any system with the company’s business processes. Companies can operate Syntegma themselves, or can use it as a managed service delivered directly from Syntax. They then no longer need to worry about interface monitoring at all, and can use the time for productive and important strategic tasks.

Where Syntegma can be used

Business process design

Syntegma allows companies to develop new business processes as well as to expand existing ones. Entirely new upstream and downstream systems that were previously incompatible with traditional integration platforms can now be attached. Syntegma is therefore a key element of your digitalisation strategy. The solution combines the traditional worlds of EDI and SAP with the latest technology developments in a single environment. As a result, companies face practically no limits in implementing the processes of new, digital business models.

Interface management and monitoring

Syntegma bundles all of the platforms into one system and creates the basis for uniform interface management. A central control panel shows you whether all interfaces are operating correctly. When a fault is detected, the responsible employees are automatically alerted. Syntegma shows them at a glance what needs to be done to correct the error.

Benefits of the Syntax Syntegma integration suite

Time savings

Syntegma lets IT departments reduce their tedious and time-consuming interface monitoring activity to practically nothing, allowing the available resources to be allocated to value-added tasks instead.

Process stability

Syntegma ensures that faults are discovered quickly and resolved immediately. This forms the basis for stable business processes and improved customer satisfaction both within and outside of the organisation.

Better processes

The integration of AWS micro services allows new interfaces and systems to be brought into Syntegma. As a result, you have greater scope for designing digital business processes.

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