Building Materials

Supplying agile, scalable, and sustainable inputs for building a resilient future

Today’s Market Dynamics

At a time when infrastructure spending and the housing boom continue to drive up the demand for building materials, sometimes there isn’t enough skilled labor to fill all your openings. That, and the ongoing supply chain woes mean that keeping your orders flowing may not always go the way you need it to.

To meet those challenges, you need to be innovative, agile, and highly responsive. And the cross-industry commitments made to embracing sustainability are the right move for our collective future, even as other economic shocks loom on the horizon, such as rising inflation and interest rate hikes that may dampen the demand for housing. As a result, the time is right to examine the efficiency of how you operate across your value chain.

Key Market Factors

  • Cross-industry commitments to environmental, social and governance goals
  • Booming demand and tightening market for skilled labor
  • Rising inflation and interest rate hikes
  • Global supply chain challenges

Embracing opportunities

If you want to accumulate a stockpile of advantages that will supply you well for future opportunities, it’s important to work with a partner who can help you create the technology foundation you need to achieve it.

Many mission-critical applications you need to run your operation—from sales and procurement to order management and distribution – are some of the best places to find efficiencies to foster innovation. Whether bundled in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or run independently, these applications can be safely and efficiently be migrated to and managed in the cloud.

Finding the right combination of cloud configurations without getting locked in to any one provider can make or break your pathway to opportunity. The right system, solutions and tools will give you the building blocks your organization needs to become more innovative, more sustainable, and more responsive to the ever-changing demands of your customers.

We know your industry

Tap into our extensive practical experience working with clients operating in the building materials sector—and the understanding we’ve gained as to how building materials-focused companies can use managed ERP applications in the cloud to produce better outcomes.

Benefit from our expertise in identifying and implementing the technologies needed to improve all aspects of operations within the building materials industry so that you can focus on what matters most while avoiding stumbling blocks along your path to success.

Customized solutions that fit your needs

You want to create long-term, sustainable value. This means you need technologies and tools that align with your unique vision and strategic objectives.

We work with you to align your business today so that you can reach the innovative future you’ve envisioned, while thriving along the way. We collaborate with you to customize a stable and secure technology foundation that you can trust for your mission critical-activities. We also develop tools and reports that will help you get the most insight from your ERP and other systems so you can use outputs to drive real value and spur innovation.

Whether you’re looking for a partner to help guide your ERP implementation or cloud migration, or would like to explore applied predictive analytics and IoT to find new efficiencies, we can help.

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How Syntax can help

Provide secure, integrated, and cloud-based ERP solutions that drive efficiencies across all aspects of your operations.

Develop a comprehensive managed public, private or hybrid cloud solution plan for your mission-critical applications.

Increase efficiency, productivity, and agility across your different processes and systems.

Enable real-time data analytics and smarter predictive analytics to enhance your decision-making processes.

Create a foundation for driving sustainability outcomes.

Improve your supply chain management and customer responsiveness.

Establish a strong and secure foundation for growth, innovation, and profitability.

We’ll always bring the A team

When you work with Syntax, you gain a partner that brings industry-leading credentials and partnerships to the table. This gives us the ability to offer you the best options for agile, multi-cloud ERP solutions that align with your specific needs and strategic objectives—which we can then integrate and manage for you.

The highest standards

Syntax meets compliance standards for SAP hosting operations and SAP HANA operations, 39 different AWS technical certifications, the AICPA’s SAS 70 and SSAE 16 audit standards, and SOC-1 and SOC-2 system-level control standards, in addition to the compliance standards of other standard-setting organizations.

The right connections

We’ll bring our knowledge and partnerships with leading technology providers, so you get the right solution for your business; we are an SAP Gold Partner, Oracle Sell Partner, AWS Premier and Managed Service Provider Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and IBM Silver Partner.