Oracle License Resale

Navigating the world of Oracle Licensing can be daunting.

Syntax offers comprehensive Oracle License resale and consultation services which we specifically tailor to the needs of JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite Users.

Oracle License Reselling Services

Syntax is an authorized Oracle License Reseller. When you need to purchase new Oracle Licenses, Syntax’s Oracle Licensing experts will analyze your environment, determine your needs and right size your licensing request so that you get exactly what you need. We’ll then negotiate on your behalf with Oracle, ensuring that you get the best price possible for the exact products you need.


Use of virtualization has added an additional level of complexity to Oracle licensing. To keep our clients in compliance with Oracle licensing regulations, Syntax uses Oracle VM for all of the virtual environments we host on our Enterprise Cloud, and we ensure that partitioning of data tables is done in accordance with Oracle standards.

Disaster Recovery

Ensuring business continuance in the face of an unpredictable event forms a vital component of any Enterprise applications strategy, but Disaster Recovery is another area that can complicate Oracle Licensing if not done right. The Syntax DR solution offers clients an RPO of 0 hours and an RTO of 2 hours. By meeting such aggressive RPOs and RTOs, Syntax offers one of the most comprehensive Disaster Recovery plans available to Oracle ERP users. Most importantly, we’ve accomplished this by engineering our DR solution to ensure that no additional Oracle Licensing is necessary.

Oracle Licensing Consulting Services

Oracle environments grow and evolve over time, which often creates Oracle licensing complications.

Syntax closely monitors the environmental status of all of our Managed Services and Enterprise Cloud clients to ensure that they remain in compliance with Oracle licensing requirements. Specifically, we help you manage areas that commonly cause complications with Oracle licensing including Virtualization, Disaster Recovery, licensing for non-production environments, deployment and licensing for OEM packs, and managing minimum user counts.

Simplify the Process of Licensing Oracle

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Syntax has several decades of experience in helping clients manage their Oracle E-Business Suite and JD Edwards licensing. Contact us today to start simplifying Oracle licensing.

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Use of Oracle Enterprise Manager Packs

While Oracle provides OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) Database Control and Grid control packs free of charge, many of the testing, tuning and diagnostic packs that come as default options still need to be licensed separately. Syntax will monitor your usage of OEM packs, advise you on which components are necessary, and alert you before you install something which requires new licensing.

Licensing for Non-Production Oracle Environments

Syntax will make sure that your Development, Backup, and Test Environments always remain in full compliance with Oracle’s licensing standards.

Licensing Minimums and Named User Counts

Like other software vendors, Oracle often requires you to purchase a minimum number of user licenses for many of its products. However, Oracle’s use of Named User Plus metrics often makes it difficult to get an accurate user count and, if not done correctly, could cause you to pay for higher number of licensed users than necessary. Syntax works with each client to correctly define their Named User Counts so that you never end up paying for more user licenses than are necessary.

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