Hybrid CloudPrivate and Public Intersect

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Hybrid Cloud – Private and Public Intersect

What is a hybrid cloud? Depending on the target group and the type of services being provided, cloud computing can take several basic forms – the public cloud and the private cloud, as well as a combination of both: the hybrid cloud.

Public clouds are clouds that are provided by a freely accessible provider. They are suitable for data protection-critical applications and worth it due to the lack of investment costs, since only the actual use is charged according to a tariff model. Examples include free public clouds like Google Drive and Dropbox and paid services like Microsoft Office 365 or SAP Business by Design.

Private cloud services are the counterpart to public cloud solutions. Due to often highly sensitive data, many companies prefer to operate IT services themselves. A private cloud is used for benefits such as a scalable IT infrastructure or installation, and maintenance-free applications that can be accessed through a web browser. A good example of this is our specially hosted FIT Private Cloud. A combination of these two forms of cloud computing is called Hybrid Cloud.

All-rounder Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds combine the advantages of the two cloud types. Some of the IT resources are operated and managed locally, while another part is hosted outside the company. The hybrid cloud offers the security of the private cloud and does not have to put business-critical data and applications in the hands of outsiders. At the same time, when using a hybrid cloud, the company does not have to do without the scalability and cost-efficiency of a public cloud, but can continue to rely on it for noncritical data and applications or demand peaks. The decision for a hybrid cloud has a very positive effect due to the combination, also for cost reasons.

If you want to learn even more practical examples of the functionality of a hybrid cloud from FIT and the benefits of this cloud system, then take a look at our application scenario for a hybrid cloud.

No compromises in cloud computing

It pays to think about a hybrid cloud approach in a number of scenarios. These scenarios often prevent unrestricted use of public cloud services and require a local server system. A hybrid cloud makes it possible to use the best of both worlds in these cases.

Consult Freudenberg IT as an experienced partner for cloud computing and hybrid clouds. Together, we ensure you the benefits of both public and private clouds without sacrificing functionality. True to our credo: IT Solution. Simplified.