Microsoft Managed Cloud Services

We make moving to the cloud a breeze

Microsoft Managed Cloud Services

The red lights and roadblocks that have kept organizations from moving to the cloud are disappearing. Fast. Today, forward-thinking companies are using the cloud to drive down costs and drive up efficiencies.

Ready to accelerate your use of the cloud? FIT’s Microsoft Managed Cloud Services makes it a breeze.

FIT is a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Thanks to our deep understanding of cloud technology, we can offer you the very best consulting and provide professionally administered services for the myriad of innovative Microsoft cloud services available – all tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re working with Office 365 or Azure services (or a combination of both), you no longer have to concern yourself with Microsoft licensing, contracts, or billing, because we take care of this for you. And our service desk is on hand 24x7x365 to give you reliable FIT support that goes far beyond standard Microsoft support services.

Our certified SAP and Microsoft expertise enables you to transform your business with more intelligent use of your business-critical IT. With FIT, you’re in the driver’s seat because you’ll benefit from:


Confidence. Our world-class managed hosting services for Microsoft applications can help you meet any business challenge you face with a combination of flexibility, security and reliability in the cloud.

Choice. All services are available in the FIT cloud, a hybrid scenario with integration to Office 365 or Microsoft Azure and pure public cloud. Choose what’s best for you.

Collaboration. Leverage SharePoint as well as messaging solutions using Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business.

SAP on Azure – choose your route

Find the optimal hosting strategy of SAP and related non-SAP workloads in Microsoft Azure:

  • All-in-Azure. All the systems in the full SAP landscape are hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Hybrid. Compliance requirements and/or SLAs might require some critical SAP systems to be hosted on-premise or in FIT’s private cloud. In these cases, non-critical systems (test, dev, training, sandbox, etc.) can be moved to Azure
  • Geo DR. Azure can provide a cost effective way to achieve a geographic Disaster Recovery solution
  • HANA POCs in Azure or FIT private cloud

Advantages of SAP on Azure

  • Flexible scale-up and/or scale-out (or down/in) possibilities
  • Cost effective consumption based pricing especially for systems like training, dev, test, sandbox, reference systems
  • Rapid commissioning/decommissioning of temporary systems
  • True Geo DR capability
  • Monthly OpEx fees for Managed Hosting services
  • Monthly OpEx fees for SAP licensing usage and maintenance fees
  • Leverage FIT’s CSP Discounts for Microsoft’s Office365 and Azure services

find-your-blue-sky-cover To learn more about how to determine your optimal SAP hosting deployment strategy, download our free SAP on Azure white paper. Or, contact us today.

SAP Architecture Design Session – helping you find your way

Not sure where to start? No problem. Our SAP Architecture Design Session (ADS) consists of three phases to assess your current SAP landscape and establish Azure or Hybrid Cloud blueprint, and create a roadmap to SAP Cloud Hosting.

  • Implementation services: server provisioning, OS/DB/application installation
  • Migration services: seamless migration to Azure with/without re-platforming
  • RPS: Remote platform services (OS administration)
  • RBS: Remote Basis services
  • AMS: Application Management Services
  • Broad IT Services, including Office365, additional Azure services, Helpdesk, mobility and more

sap-arch_design-session For a detailed look at what this workshop offers, download our SAP Architecture Design Session paper. Or, contact us today.