Freudenberg IT introduces Resilience Simulator

April 13, 2016

FIT America

MORRISVILLE, N.C. — When it comes to IT, bad things eventually happen. No matter how good the technology. Hacks, failures, outages, natural disasters … the list goes on.

While it’s easy to turn a blind eye to potential problems (and hope for the best), Freudenberg IT (FIT) is encouraging its customers to turn a spotlight on them — and prepare for the worst.

FIT America recently unveiled its Resilience Simulator — a secure room where customers can test worst-case scenarios on their business-critical IT systems before they happen.

“We didn’t just want to configure systems and then wait to react when disaster strikes,” Michael Heuberger, president and CEO of FIT America, explained. “So instead, we’re offering our customers the chance to carry out exhaustive stress tests with our support. This gives them the unique ability to devise and deploy strategies to minimize or avoid the negative impact of an unforeseen catastrophe.”

FIT’s Resilience Simulator is a proactive measure that customers can use to gain an economic and competitive advantage. Customers can act out nearly any conceivable disaster scenario together with FIT employees.

“It’s like a flight simulator,” Heuberger said. “When you board a plane you want to be sure the pilot has had plenty of practice.”

The benefits of the Resilience Simulator are two-pronged. First, it gives customers the chance to test processes and prepare contingency plans. And second, it enables FIT employees to better handle potential risks while strengthening their bond with customers.

According to Heuberger, customer response to the simulator has been positive – not the least because FIT’s competitors do not offer such an added bonus in their portfolios.

“With decades of experience under our belt we know trouble can rear its ugly head at any time,” he explained. “Helping our customers prepare for catastrophic and/or capricious situations before they occur gives them peace of mind and makes their systems more resilient. We know we’ve done a good job when they experience some ‘aha!’ moments along the way.”

Freudenberg IT’s close to 1,000 specialists work remotely and at FIT’s two Research Triangle Park locations in North Carolina, as well as from offices in Mexico, Germany, China and Slovakia. Together, they share a common goal to simplify customers’ complex IT solutions.

In a 2015 survey conducted by market research firm TNS, FIT scored a customer satisfaction rate of 83 percent – nearly 20 percentage points higher than the industry benchmark.

FIT has more than 400 customers around the globe and has a 99 percent customer retention rate among its clients in industries ranging from manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, retail, healthcare, automotive, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.