Global Application Management ServicesBecause smart CIOs know when to delegate

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Achieve Better Business Results with A Global Partner Who Knows the Value of Local Support

Maintaining an internal staff to support your applications, especially SAP and Microsoft applications, is expensive and often impractical, particularly on a global scale.

Delegate your application management needs to FIT and you’re free to put your IT resources to work on what’s important, not what’s urgent.

We can help you achieve better business results with our global presence, structured flexibility, and regionalized support so you can continuously innovate, improve your business processes, and better manage your applications. Specifically, FIT provides application management services for the different parts of SAP applications in the areas of digital, core, analytics, enhanced business processes, and tools/services.

We are the first global provider to hold the AMS certification for SAP S/4HANA.

Scale Up and Down as Your Business Changes

Our structured flexibility gives you global options with regional differences in mind.

We don’t charge by the service ticket but by the hours worked. We charge based on productivity of solving problems not based on the number of tickets you submit. We also don’t charge you a termination fee if you decide you don’t like our application management services, just a 90-day out. You can also carry over 10 percent of hours every month.

We can scale up and scale down depending on changes in your business and we can customize the number of hours based on trends.

Your Service Ticket Stays in Your Region

Our certified teams in North America, Europe and Asia know regional requirements, provide cultural proximity, and can offer local language support. Start by choosing the countries and the extent of support you need, ranging from local support for SAP FI or Microsoft SharePoint to global AMS for your entire SAP environment. Then, when you need to, scale your systems on a global basis for optimal flexibility and cost efficiency.

With FIT’s global AMS, you have local time zone coverage, local language support, localization know-how, and cultural proximity. FIT’s region for region concept is a unique approach that ensures you have local time zone coverage, local language support, localization know-how, and cultural proximity, without paying for other languages. You get four languages (English, Spanish, German and Chinese) for one price.

Top Talent with Low Turnover

Our talent is homegrown. FIT is proud to have one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the IT industry.

We have built our talent to support you, specifically drawing upon the resources of local industries and two SAP University Alliance schools in Puebla, Mexico. Compared with attrition rates in India and Asia of around 19 to 20 percent, our Puebla-based staff has a low turnover rate of 4 percent, resulting in an experienced and knowledgeable team that really gets to know your business.

Because all our services use structured processes and tools, which are regularly audited by stringent quality criteria within SAP’s Global AMS Partner Status, you also get a level of support that’s consistent across the board, around the globe.

Thinking of outsourcing? There’s no smarter way to go than FIT AMS.