HANA expertise + objective guidance= smart deployment

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HANA expertise + objective guidance = smart deployment

As a longtime SAP partner, FIT offers an array of services for successful HANA and S/4HANA installations. Plus hosting and operational support for the entire suite.

Because HANA is an investment – albeit, a sustainable one – FIT uses a multi-stage workshop concept to show you how to get your ERP system future-ready. Starting with an overview, we outline the opportunities and benefits HANA and S/4HANA can offer you. Next, detailed workshops cover key areas of HANA, such as Simple Finance, Fiori, and more. Precise cost-benefit analyses are conducted and then an individual HANA roadmap is drafted to enable smart decision-making.

Want a better idea of what it’s like to run HANA? Simply rent space in the FIT data center for several months to run subsets of your own company data. This gives you the chance to see the added value SAP HANA can bring to your organization without interfering with your existing productivity environment or compromising its stability. HANA is here. FIT’s here to help you leverage it.

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