SAP ManufacturingMake the intelligent shift to Industry 4.0

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SAP Manufacturing is made up of best-of-breed products from leading Industry 4.0 players, and is supplemented with our own new developments. Fully integrating the top floor and the shop floor guarantees smoothly running manufacturing processes.

The intelligent control station of SAP Manufacturing allows production control staff to delegate each individual task on the shop floor to achieve the fastest possible processes while using the least amount of resources. Plus, FIT developed its predictive scheduling tool – FIT Workforce Planning – as part of the suite. This enables automated planning – placing employees with the right qualifications in the right place at the right time as well as paperless workflows.

The Suite also includes a special business intelligence solution with plenty of monitoring and reporting functions. Based on SAP MII and SAP BusinessObjects, it provides transparency at every stage of your manufacturing to ensure product quality at every process step. The dashboard offers a visual representation of relationships related to the current manufacturing status – either in a browser window or as an app on a tablet or smartphone. This gives employees access to all SFDC/MDC information, enabling them to evaluate information based on any conceivable criteria, and to have the results displayed graphically.

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