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Demystifying Zero Trust for JD Edwards Customers

by Matthew Rogers Global CISO Syntax Introduction With the increasing number of logged threats from cyber-attacks, data breaches, various forms of remote work exposures or bring your own device complexities, it’s important for leaders to implement more secure access control solutions. Many have looked to the Zero Trust architecture, which is one component of how […]

How to Get the Most Out of Hosting EBS on OCI

Even as the trend of migrating mission-critical workloads to the cloud continues, cloud adoption remains an important way to gain a competitive edge over organizations that are lagging behind. If your organization is using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), there has never been a better time to make the move to the cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure […]

Hybrid Partitioned Tables in Oracle Database 19c

With Oracle Database 19c a new concept called Hybrid Partitioned Tables has been introduced. As the name implies, the partitions can exist both inside the Oracle database in tablespaces and outside in external sources such as Linux files, files on Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), and files in Cloud Object Storage. Hybrid Partitioned Tables enhance […]

Don’t Get Caught in the Cyber Threat Undertow

Like ocean waves relentlessly in motion, cyber threats keep coming. Some do damage with their continuous rhythm of attack, while others crash fast and hard with tsunami strength. But the ever-changing pattern makes it difficult to detect what’s under the surface, driving the destruction. In today’s cybersecurity landscape, threat actors are becoming more targeted, more […]

Zero Trust and SASE: Not Voodoo, Just Greater Security
In spite of what you might hear, Zero Trust (ZT) isn’t voodoo. It isn’t some black magic secret that nobody can decipher. At its core, Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) takes a bunch of complex controls and makes them doable. Seamlessly. And your Zero Trust journey starts with your ERP. Let’s De-Mystify Zero Trust The National [...]
OCI Multicloud Strategy Enables Enterprise Efficiency

Today’s enterprise requires a mix of cloud vendors, solutions, and storage services which is why using multiple cloud providers is a good predictor of how efficiently enterprises operate. The benefits of a multicloud strategy are obvious. There is no vendor lock-in, which leaves a business free to choose the best options for their specific situation. […]

Understanding the Database Options for OCI

Oracle is the world’s leading database company and designed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for critical enterprise workloads, especially databases. In OCI, databases can be provisioned on bare metal and virtual machines or on Exadata machines. Whatever your enterprise database needs are OCI has a solution. More information about OCI’s database offerings can be found here, […]

Put Your IIoT Plan in Gear
Cloud-based services have the potential to utterly upend your shop floor. Instead of being challenged by such a change, be prepared for it. From predictive maintenance to predictive quality, there are numerous business benefits for bringing process and machine data to AWS. You can set up automated alerts to immediately notify when a problem emerges. [...]