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Effective Oracle ERP Management for Multi-Cloud Environments

Sep 26, 20192:00pm EDT1 hour
With many organizations adopting a “cloud-first” deployment strategy, today’s Oracle ERP landscapes are gaining in complexity with on-site, private cloud and public cloud components encompassing AWS, Azure & OCI as well as SaaS providers like WorkDay, SalesForce and more. This trend toward multi-cloud ERP ecosystems presents a challenge for traditional IT management systems that normally rely on measurement of server speed, storage utilization and network response time to give insight into application performance; something difficult at best to collect from Cloud providers. While IT Managers with legacy on-prem environments might be able to survive with traditional tools, business stakeholders in a multi-cloud ERP architecture expect actionable information that encompasses the entire multi-cloud ERP ecosystem to proactively resolve issues at the point of deployment before they grow into problems.

This webcast will show how Syntax EnterpriseCare® ERP Monitoring Solution consolidates and delivers actionable intelligence from across your multi-cloud ecosystem through a single solution framework. Join our webinar to learn about our cost-effective and scalable multi-cloud ERP management platform designed to help you achieve the benefits Management expects from your multi-cloud strategy.

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