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Backup and recovery for SAP data is a key requirement for ensuring that your business operations run securely and smoothly. Businesses generally have to commit significant financial and personnel resources in order to meet all compliance and governance requirements and ensure business continuity when exceptional circumstances arise. As a native cloud solution, CxLink Backup greatly reduces the investment required for backup and recovery.

What is CxLink Backup?

CxLink Backup is the lean, low-cost cloud alternative to traditional backup and recovery solutions. Developed especially for backing up SAP data to Amazon S3 in the AWS cloud, and equally suited for SAP HANA, Oracle databases and SAP ASE, CxLink Backup can easily be integrated into existing SAP landscapes, whether they run in the cloud or on premises. Businesses no longer need their own server capacity for backup and recovery solutions, or the management resources to run them.

CxLink Backup has SAP certification and can be purchased through the AWS Marketplace or the SAP Store.

CxLink Backup functionality

CxLink Backup provides businesses with all of the key, common backup and recovery functions. The solution is transparent, easy to use and can be configured to the business’s own requirements.

SAP data backups

Backup routines can be defined and implemented for businesses’ entire SAP landscape, however small or large. The data is stored securely in the AWS cloud and is quickly available whenever it is needed.

SAP data restore

If data is lost, databases can quickly and easily be restored from the cloud so that the business can soon start running again.

Configuration and management

Configurations have to be set up once and then copied automatically to an unlimited number of servers. Backup frequency and retention periods can be defined and controlled flexibly, and the backup status can be monitored across hundreds of databases.

Encryption and data security

The data stored in CxLink Backup is encrypted, with a range of schemes and security levels available. The high standards provided by the AWS cloud ensure a high degree of data security and availability at all times.

CxLink Backup benefits

CxLink Backup allows businesses to get rid of server capacity and free up staff who had previously been tied up with system management tasks to work on more valuable activities elsewhere. The solution therefore gives you a great deal more efficiency, in particular:

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Low cost

CxLink Backup significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for backup and recovery. Thanks to hardware and personnel cost savings, the costs could be up to 90 percent lower depending on the initial situation.

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Thanks to the use of cloud technology, data is restored considerably more quickly than with traditional solutions that run in your data centre. This means that business operations can restart quickly and losses due to downtime are low.

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Secure and compliant

The backups are more secure and better protected in the redundant AWS cloud configuration than on internal hard disks or tapes, guaranteeing continuity of business operations when data is lost or corrupted in the live SAP systems.

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Ease of use

Businesses do not need to keep on updating their IT security around the clock but can rely fully on AWS’ capabilities when it comes to hardware. The solution is also very easy to use and does not require a lot of training.

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