Cloud Migration Advisory Services

Companies that have identified the cloud as a future platform for operation of SAP and other business-critical applications require information about specific implementation scenarios and an appropriate migration plan. Syntax Cloud Migration Advisory Services give you just that – the perfect operational foundation for long-term success of every cloud strategy.

What are Syntax Cloud Migration Advisory Services?

Syntax Cloud Migration Advisory Services are targeted at companies that have a clear vision of moving business-critical SAP systems and other key applications to the cloud, and have already selected an operating model and platform. This is the point in the cloud journey where the critical phase of the project begins as a suitable hosting strategy is defined, the system landscape that is to be migrated is identified, the migration starts to take shape and plans are created. These are tasks for experienced experts, not companies doing it for the first time. Their practical experience from similar projects in the past give them the expertise to know what the future SAP landscape needs to offer. In contrast to our Managed Cloud Services, this is not about providing ongoing support to our customers during production but about advising them on operations and methodology when they develop a roadmap, as they prepare and plan for the future. The decisions made at this stage will continue to affect the success of the cloud project for years to come.

What services are included in the Cloud Migration Advisory Services?

Our services are focused on two major components:

1. Migration Readiness Assessment

First we consider the current state of the systems to be migrated. What servers do you have? What logical links exist? What SAP applications does your company use and what applications that interact with SAP? We then produce the target picture. What do you want to achieve, and what configuration is the best means of doing this? The results are the technical details for migration and an initial idea of a future operating environment.

2. Migration Readiness Planning

The specific migration plan rounds off the project: What structure should the cloud architecture have? What tools will be used? We define the future cloud operating model and plan the system transition roadmap. Then comes the first evaluation of the operational costs. If required, Syntax will also provide the cloud platform and carry out a pilot migration to test the implementation concept and fine-tune any assumptions and recommendations.

Benefits of Cloud Migration Advisory Services

Our services provide you with peace of mind on your company’s key journey to the cloud. That way, you don’t have to leave your business-critical systems to chance. The specific advantages include:

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Minimised migration and operation risk

You benefit from a perfected planning process and the experience gained from many similar projects.

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Fast migration at low cost

Using clearly defined processes and a large pool of experience, as well as multiple migrations running in parallel, we can help you switch off legacy systems more quickly.


Pragmatic consulting philosophy

Our customers are guided rapidly and directly to sustainable solutions that work in practice.

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With sites in Germany, Spain, Slovakia, the United States, Canada and China, we guide global companies safely into the cloud.

Checklist: Is my business suitable for Cloud Migration Advisory Services?

  1. Have you already decided in favour of the cloud, or is it at least viewed as a valid scenario?
    Then now is the right moment to reinforce your strategy using the Cloud Migration Advisory Services and flesh out the details.
  2. Do you want to migrate business-critical systems to the cloud?
    Professional advice regarding the operating environment, processes and migration will be essential.
  3.  Do you feel you lack experience inhouse when it comes to planning, developing and implementing cloud migration projects?
    Then you are like many companies – it is worthwhile to call in outside professional support. That way you can boost the planning and implementation phases while avoiding errors. You will mitigate and avoid risks benefiting from Syntax’s experience gained from many similar projects.
  4.  Have you hit the buffers with your internal cloud migration project?
    We are happy to come on board, analyse your current situation and help you get your project back on track.
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