Digital Services Act

1. Contact point for authorities and users under the Digital Service Act (Art. 11 and 12 DSA)

Please send inquiries about our hosting services or the content stored therein to: [email protected] or use the contact form provided below. If you would like to contact us with an inquiry or report on potentially illegal content within the meaning of the Digital Services Act in our services, please use the following contact form to provide us with a full description of your request in accordance with the requirements of the Digital Services Act. You can send us your request in German, Spanish, or English.

  • Do you have questions about content or the use of our services?

    Please describe your request as precisely as possible so that we can respond to it as quickly as possible. You can send us your request in German, Spanish, or English.

    Please provide us with your contact details (name, e-mail address) so that we can get back to you.

    2. General Terms and Conditions (Art. 14 DSA)

    a) “SYNTAX reserves the right to block [User] or take other appropriate measures if there are signs of misuse of the services or use that violates the applicable contractual provisions. In particular, use shall be deemed to be improper if user uses the services or the information provided therein for purposes other than the intended use, uses the system for illegal purposes or purposes that infringe the rights of SYNTAX or third parties, or uses the systems in non-compliance with other guidelines provided by SYNTAX.

    b) User warrants that all information provided is always true and complete and complies with all legal requirements and the applicable contractual provisions. User undertakes to inform SYNTAX immediately of any future material changes to the information provided that are relevant to the contractual or usage relationship.

    c) In particular, the Services may not be used to store and disseminate information that meets the following criteria: racist, inhuman slogans; provision of false or otherwise incorrect information; information that is offensive, abusive, harassing, hateful, obscene, threatening or otherwise objectionable; information that violates legal requirements or does not sufficiently comply with or implement applicable requirements (e.g. in the case of labeling or transparency obligations); information whose provision or dissemination constitutes a criminal offense or an administrative offense;; information whose provision or dissemination constitutes a criminal offense or an administrative offense.

    d) SYNTAX provides the possibility for persons or organizations to report the existence of individual information in a service subject to the Digital Service Act that the person or organization concerned considers to be illegal content. If the report contains the electronic contact details of the reporting person or organization, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent. In this case, SYNTAX will immediately inform the person or entity concerned of the relevant decision regarding the reported information, indicating the possible legal remedies against this decision.

    e) If information provided violates the applicable terms of use and SYNTAX becomes aware of this (e.g. through a report from a customer or other third party), SYNTAX reserves the right to block or delete the relevant content immediately (even if only temporarily) and to take all other necessary steps.

    f) If necessary or appropriate, the following measures will be taken depending on the severity, frequency and number of the violation(s): temporary or permanent deletion of content; temporary blocking of a user account or user access and inactivation of the associated content; permanent blocking of the user account and all associated content; permanent blocking of the user access and all associated content.

    g) Where legally required, user shall be informed of SYNTAX’s decision and given the opportunity to comment. After further comment, SYNTAX will review the decision and make a final decision on how to deal with the content concerned. Depending on the case, the moderation measures mentioned in section c will be applied. User will receive a notification/email about the moderation decision made, including a justification.”

    3. Transparency Reporting Obligations (Art. 15 DSA)

    If and to the extent necessary, SYNTAX will comply with statutory transparency reporting obligations, e.g. those arising from the Digital Services Act. If a corresponding obligation exists, you will find further information SYNTAX website dedicated area.

    4. Reporting Illegal or Questionable Content (Art. 16 DSA)

      Do you want to report illegal content and violations of the terms of use on this website or SYNTAX Services?

      Please state why you believe that the content is illegal (if applicable, also stating the relevant legal provision that is being violated and the country in which it applies) and where this content is located (storage location / place of discovery).

      Please be as precise as possible with your information so that we can check your details and make an informed decision. If your information is inaccurate, we may not be able to check or process a report properly or at all.

      If you provide us with your contact details (name, e-mail address), we will send you a confirmation of receipt. If you do not do this, we will not be able to inform you about the progress.

      By submitting this message, you declare that the information you have provided is correct and truthful.”