CxLink Contact Center

CxLink Contact Center is a lean cloud-native solution for integration of SAP CRM and SAP S/4HANA with the Amazon Connect contact centre solution. This gives businesses all they need to manage and handle their customer communications through Amazon Connect on the basis of their own data.

What is CxLink Contact Center?

Businesses and agencies that organise their contact centres via Amazon Connect need to ensure that the contact centre platform is able to access their SAP data directly and that the flow of data is friction-free. All of this is handled by CxLink Contact Center, currently the only SAP-certified solution for integration of SAP applications with Amazon Connect. This means that CxLink Contact Center is a key component for professional use of Amazon Connect, and a central lever for taking advantage of the contact centre revolution started by Amazon within your business: With Amazon Connect all you need is an internet connection to create a fully scalable omnichannel contact centre with all the typical functionality.

CxLink Contact Center can be purchased through the AWS Marketplace.

CxLink Contact Center functionality

CxLink Contact Center is provided by Syntax through a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model that bundles a number of AWS tools into a core product and ensures the connection of SAP applications to Amazon Connect through a simple interface.

Use of functions from SAP CRM directly in Amazon Connect

CxLink Contact Center is certified for functions including agent login and workmode handling, telephony channel functions, conference handling, transfer handling, queue presence – and much more.

Multi-tenant capability

All customer data can be stored securely and separately. The size of individual tenants can be determined flexibly in order to optimise performance and costs.

Integration of other AWS Services

CxLink Contact Center also supports functions that businesses develop through AWS Services, such as chatbots and Conversational AI.

Trial and learn

A 30-day free trial allows businesses to put CxLink Contact Center through its paces and test its functions for use in their own contact centre.

CxLink Contact Center benefits

CxLink Contact Center is the missing link between Amazon Connect and SAP as the business’s central nervous system and data source. The interaction of the two systems creates a solution that offers enormous benefit for contact centre operators.

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Low-cost and transparent

Amazon Connect is significantly less expensive than the common contact centre solutions on the market, in terms of both start-up investment and running costs. Businesses do not need their own server infrastructure and can quickly and easily add capacity.

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When call volumes peak, for example as a result of certain campaigns or specific events, contact centre capacity can be added for a specific period at the click of a mouse. That means that businesses always keep control of the service that they need and only pay for what they actually use.

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CxLink Contact Center creates a secure connection between customer communications and the business’s data flows. That establishes the basis for a customer conversation that takes account of findings from your SAP systems and adds new, valuable data gained from talking to customers to your repository.

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CxLink Contact Center and Amazon Connect are the combination that will allow your business to scale its contact centre activities without limits and set a course for growth. That guarantees that there are no technical barriers to your success.

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