CxLink Data Lakes

Data lakes are a basic building block of modern analytics, machine learning and AI solutions. They help you to dismantle silos, combining data from various platforms and operating environments for open-ended investigations. Cloud-based data lakes are flexible, scalable and less expensive than traditional data warehouses. CxLink Data Lakes forms a link between SAP applications and your data lakes operated in the AWS cloud.

What is CxLink Data Lakes?

CxLink Data Lakes is a cloud-native solution that allows you to integrate SAP data with data lakes in the Amazon cloud easily and cheaply. Businesses can use this to create a single source of data for comprehensive data analysis, machine learning and AI applications that are supported by a range of web services in AWS.

When it comes to data transfer, CxLink Data Lakes uses the SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT), which has been included in SAP S/4HANA since release 1909. It allows SAP data from both on-premises systems and SAP cloud installations to be merged into data lakes that are stored in Amazon S3 instances. In this way, CxLink Data Lakes supports businesses in creating a consistent view of all data across heterogeneous SAP landscapes, and in analysing the data in a high-performance system.

CxLink Data Lakes is SAP-certified for Netweaver and SAP S/4HANA 1809 and can be obtained through AWS Marketplace or the SAP Store.

What functions does CxLink Data Lakes provide?

CxLink Data Lakes gives businesses all the functionality of SLT that they need for transferring and managing SAP data in cloud-based data lakes.

Data integration

CxLink Data Lakes allows you to easily create and manage routines for automatic transfer of data from SAP applications to data lakes in AWS.

Data retention management

Simple-to-configure retention guidelines ensure that data always remains available in the data lake for the appropriate period.


The data transfer between SAP and AWS is encrypted. In addition, CxLink Data Lakes supports both client-based and server-based encryption (SSF and AWS KMS).

CxLink Data Lakes benefits

CxLink Data Lakes overcomes the obstacles that businesses frequently face when seeking to create modern data lake infrastructure.

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Eliminate legacy systems

CxLink Data Lakes helps businesses to do away with old, on-premises data warehouses and modernise their IT landscape.

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Create data lakes easily

New data lakes can be set up simply using CxLink Data Lakes, without needing to keep IT resources in reserve.

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Cost savings

Thanks to cloud technology and lean architecture, CxLink Data Lakes is much less expensive than comparable solutions.

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Flexible scalability

Unlimited storage in the cloud allows data lakes to grow automatically with the business.

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Relieve internal resources

Managing and maintaining your own data lakes is a complex job that demands a lot of expertise. With CxLink Data Lakes, businesses can outsource these tasks to AWS.

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