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All SAP systems need a capable document management solution. But saving documents generated by SAP and linked to specific SAP applications to an internal server is cost-intensive and makes things unnecessarily complex. CxLink Documents allows you to manage such documents easily in the AWS cloud. They stay fully integrated with the SAP systems, irrespective of where they are located.

What is CxLink Documents?

CxLink Documents is a lean, SAP-certified software solution to eliminate a known factor that complicates SAP operations. Businesses can use it to store documents generated in SAP, such as delivery notes, purchase orders and invoices, in an encrypted form in an Amazon S3 instance in the AWS cloud rather than keeping them on a separate server. CxLink Documents does this while maintaining full integration with and direct access from SAP. It doesn’t even matter where and how the SAP systems are operated. Whether you run SAP on-premises, in a private cloud or the public cloud, with CxLink Documents you can outsource your SAP documents and therefore take advantage of all the benefits of the public cloud in terms of cost efficiency, availability, scalability and security.

CxLink Documents can be obtained easily through the AWS Marketplace or the SAP Store.

CxLink Documents functionality

Clear and focused on the essential

CxLink Documents supports all the practical functions businesses need to store and manage their SAP-generated documents without a fuss.

Seamless SAP integration

All types of document, such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, can be saved and opened directly from within the SAP applications, just like normal. That means that users have a familiar look and feel, operating procedures and user experience.


Depending on the business’s requirements, the solution supports a range of encryption schemes, from encryption in AWS to encryption directly within the SAP systems or even AWS Key Management Services.


A simple to configure integrated permissions management module allows administrators to clearly define the users or groups who are allowed to save, modify and access specific documents.

CxLink Documents benefits

CxLink Documents lets businesses simplify the way they handle SAP-generated documents significantly. As a result they can enjoy lower costs, less administration and greater usability. The specific benefits include:

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Transparency with native integration

As a SAP-certified solution, CxLink Documents links seamlessly into the SAP application landscape and supports all SAP functions.

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Reduced costs and complexity

Thanks to operation in the AWS cloud, businesses can lower the costs of hardware and running their operation. In addition, they can considerably reduce the complexity of their IT landscape.

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Reliability and data security

CxLink Documents stores SAP-generated documents securely. Encryption and redundant storage in AWS ensure that documents are always available when they are needed, but only for the people with the right permissions.

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Scalability and flexibility

Storage capacity is automatically adjusted to requirements, and businesses only pay for what they actually need. In addition, CxLink Documents lets you store and integrate non-SAP-generated documents.

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Global access

Businesses with activities around the world can also use the solution globally, flexibly and without a fuss. Additional SAP systems and users can be connected at the click of a mouse and without changing the basic configuration.

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