Managed Services in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Greater flexibility, higher efficiency, scalable capacity, dynamic pricing models: just some of the advantages that enterprises can expect when moving data and critical applications such as SAP ERP to the cloud. Platforms like Microsoft Azure provide the foundation for your comprehensive digital transformation. And when you opt for us to deliver your Managed Azure Cloud, you are in the best of hands.

Managed Azure Cloud: our enterprise services

As a certified Microsoft partner, Syntax is a single source for everything around development, operations and management of an Azure cloud environment. We ensure smooth operations and take care of monitoring, patching and securing the server infrastructure as well as managing all of the operating systems, databases and applications. Here is just a selection of the services we offer:

Custom Azure cloud architecture

Our Microsoft specialists know exactly which solutions are best suited to our customers’ specific requirements and work with them to plan and assemble made-to-measure infrastructure in the Azure cloud that is tailored for their business requirements.

Migration and

With the expertise from countless migration projects behind it, Syntax knows exactly how to transition your data and workloads to the Azure cloud smoothly, also seamlessly integrating business-critical applications such as SAP.

Operation and maintenance of the entire Azure infrastructure

Through our Managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering we make sure that our customers can use the virtual computing resources provided in the Azure cloud at all times without any issues, so they get the most out of their cloud investment.

Application Management Services

Syntax provides a full range of services to keep an overview of all applications, data and workloads in the Azure cloud. With Incident Management, Patch Management, Service Requests, Change and Problem Management, our ITIL-compliant offering keeps you running at all times.

Azure Cloud: Migration

Choosing the right migration strategy to ensure the best results takes in many factors, which is why Syntax always starts with a comprehensive workload assessment. How can the existing infrastructure be best transitioned to a corresponding Azure cloud architecture? Will all of the applications run on the Azure Cloud Computing platform? What types of virtual machine (VM) will be needed in Azure? The picture soon crystallises and a recommendation emerges for one or more of the following cloud migration strategies:

  • Rehost: A “lift and shift” project is carried out to migrate the existing infrastructure to the Azure cloud, continuing to use virtual machines and databases. This is often triggered by the expiry of existing server contracts or service agreements.
  • Refactor: Individual applications are optimised to run in the cloud environment and adapted accordingly.
  • Rearchitect: A new application architecture is designed to take advantage of the Azure environment in the public cloud and use innovative cloud services.

Azure Cloud: Compliance

In Europe and Germany in particular, security and compliance are of vital importance when it comes to using a public cloud environment like Microsoft Azure. Syntax prioritises these aspects above everything else. They are especially important for third-party software and open source components running in the Azure cloud. Whether you use SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL, we will store and manage your data securely and diligently. Microsoft’s data centres and cloud services comply with many different regional, global and industry-specific security standards and certification schemes.

In addition security is guaranteed at various levels and meets the most demanding requirements. These range from management of individuals’ access to systems, data centre security with CCTV and two-factor biometric entry systems to integrated protection mechanisms within the compute platform to prevent unauthorised access to customer information and ensure proper, secure deletion of data.

Via SAP on Azure to SAP plus Azure

Moving a complicated SAP landscape into the public cloud should be about far more than simply switching data centre. Our SAP on Azure solution architects carry out a SAP Migration Readiness Assessment to develop a specific roadmap for migrating and modernising the SAP environment as the basis for integration and innovation:

Step 1: Migration

The core SAP system is moved to Azure. This creates infrastructure benefits such as greater flexibility and scalability as well as comprehensive services for security, backup and disaster recovery. Frequently, the SAP system itself is also modernised or trimmed down in this step.

Step 2: Integration

The integration of existing SAP processes with Azure Platform Services brings a new dynamic and significantly greater efficiency. The combination of database and SAP product is immaterial: for example, businesses can use SAP S/4HANA and manage all ERP processes through Microsoft tools.

Step 3: Innovation

Integration allows users to tap into innovation, for example in the area of data and AI, IoT or Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The Microsoft Power Platform with Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics offers great potential for modern solutions here.

Syntax – your partner for Managed Azure Cloud

A Managed Azure Cloud service offers numerous benefits. Companies can make the most of them when they choose Syntax as a partner.

  • Our experts understand industry-specific requirements and add value with platform services such as analytics, IoT, Big Data, RPA, DevOps, AI/ML and container technologies.
  • Syntax is a Microsoft Gold Partner for the Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity. As a SAP Cloud-Certified Provider (CCP) we can also manage the migration and operation of entire SAP systems in a Managed Azure Cloud service.
  • Our status as a direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) allows us to combine every Microsoft service with Syntax Value Added Services to create a custom offering from a single provider.
  • Migration to the Managed Azure Cloud is just the start of an ongoing, iterative process of optimisation. Our operations let companies take full benefit from digitalisation.
  • Syntax also offers Managed Azure Cloud Services such as new migration processes for even better integration of SAP systems into the modern workplace and the use of data from ERP and other systems to create innovative dashboards.
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FAQ: Managed Azure Cloud

What sort of cloud computing products does Azure cloud support?

Anyone using cloud computing primarily benefits from the reduced financial and operational resources required for computing. The Azure Cloud Platform offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through which Microsoft provides networking, compute and storage products. Businesses that also need an operating environment can opt for Platform as a Service (PaaS) products that allow them to focus fully on delivering their own applications. And anyone relying on Syntax as a partner does not need to worry about migration, maintenance or operations. They are all part of our one-stop shop experience in form of Software as a Service (SaaS).

What are the benefits of Azure cloud?

Microsoft Azure offers many advantages, including:

  • Numerous infrastructure services for business-critical workloads
  • High-speed innovation and agility
  • Very widespread regional availability
  • Great potential for cost optimisation
  • Simple integration with other Microsoft solutions already in use

What is the route to SAP on Azure?

A simple “lift and shift” migration of the SAP systems may be the first step, but your journey should not end there. We recommend three steps to derive true business benefits from the use of the public cloud:

  1. Migration and SAP modernisation
  2. Integration of the SAP landscape with other areas of the Azure platform
  3. Targeted innovation in the areas of automation, IoT and analytics