CxLink Backup, the solution that streamlines SAP backups to AWS

In the midst of the digital transformation process, data, its management and protection are extremely important for companies, so cloud computing has to provide backup capabilities that respond to this need, as well as guarantees of flexibility, scalability, continuity of services and recovery in case of incidents. In this area we at Syntax have developed CxLink Backup, a solution approved by AWS and certified by SAP that turns a complex process into something simple.

Aware of the importance for SAP users of protecting their business data, today we dedicate our post to this application, which is part of our portfolio of proprietary products designed to get the most out of the investments made in SAP and AWS, the two environments in which we are leaders.

As a result of this specialization, CxLink Backup is a solution that leverages SAP administration tools to manage the backup and recovery of SAP HANA, SAP ASE (formerly Sybase) and Oracle databases hosted on Amazon S3, the AWS object storage service. This integration makes it an extension of the databases and also simplifies the management of data backup and recovery operations.

A few days ago, AWS shared on its APN (Amazon Partner Network) blog an interesting technical post about this solution, which enables backups of these databases at speeds of up to 800 GB per hour, without incurring redundant infrastructure or intermediate storage costs.

Backup, a priority for the more than 5,000 companies with SAP workloads on AWS

AWS has more than 5,000 active customers who rely on their SAP systems to run their businesses and who have chosen this cloud platform to optimize their infrastructure, gaining scalability, flexibility and cost control, among other advantages. For all of them, it is essential to back up their databases to be able to recover their activity and protect their assets in the event of a failure.

CxLink Backup is an effective alternative that ensures that all operations are performed over a secure connection, encrypting copies both in transit and at rest while guaranteeing that they are hosted on a service that offers high availability, resiliency and scalability at a low cost.

As AWS highlights in its article, this cloud-native solution runs on the same server where the database is hosted and is delivered in a standard Linux RPM format designed to operate with simple commands, without the need for monitoring from other tools such as AWS Systems Manager or AWS OpsWorks. In addition, it supports single or multi-node deployments and generates significant efficiencies by not requiring permanent disk storage (EBS) for backups.

For companies considering deploying a solution to optimize their SAP backup processes, CxLink Backup is available on the SAP and AWS marketplaces and a free trial is available on request. This service also includes support from our team of experts for proper configuration, maintenance and upgrade installations.