CxLink Document, new way to connect SAP systems to AWS services

For some time now, CIOs have had to focus on making their organizations’ digital infrastructure resilient, as well as managing flexible forms of financing to meet the needs of their companies at all times, and these have been major reasons why the adoption of cloud computing has been accelerating during the past years.

Of course, this reality has also been experienced by SAP customers, whose management systems are used by numerous companies around the world, who have to study how they can evolve their technological scenario to benefit from this model and advance in their digital transformation processes. On this topic, Mario De Felipe, Business Development Director at Syntax has published a post on the SAP community portal (the SAP Community) in which he delves into the different ways they have to consume AWS services from SAP platforms, products and services, as these are the two environments in which we are market benchmarks.

In this article our expert explains that companies can choose between migrating their system to the AWS public cloud platform or keeping them on-premise but that, regardless of this decision that has to do with their infrastructure model, many of them are going to use applications that are hosted on the AWS platform. When this happens, they want and need to be able to create analytics from SAP or SAP HANA and build a data repository or data lake in the Amazon S3 storage service, while using the SAP system as the primary source of analytical or transactional data.

From this point on, there are several ways to extract the data. On the one hand, companies can pull SAP data from the database (Oracle, SAP or SQL Server) using AWS Glue and AWS Lambda, or third-party connectors, which can be more complex and require additional infrastructure, and on the other hand, from the applications (SAP S/4HANA, BW/4HANA, SAP Business Suite), in which case they could use the same AWS services, third-party connectors and SAP Data Services.

These scenarios can add new complexities to the customer’s IT scenario, which is why at Syntax we have developed the CxLink Document solution, an AWS SDK for ABAP language that allows connecting our customers’ on-premise SAP systems directly to AWS services and, in this way, better exploit the possibilities of both environments, adapting them to their specific needs.

With this solution, which Mario De Felipe analyzes in depth in the post, we are helping our customers to extend their business processes, without the need for additional hardware or software.

A great number of companies are using AWS Connector for SAP to natively connect their SAP systems to AWS. If you want to know more, follow this link or contact our experts.