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Turning your services rendered into your future growth engine

Today’s Market Dynamics

Whether you refer to your customers as clients, patients, members, buyers, or associates, the nature of your business with them is intangible. It may be measured in time increments, by project, or maybe in terms of an outcome, but you don’t deal in things. You provide services.

And since your business is not about things, the market for your services is not directly affected by the supply chain disruptions and rising materials costs that seem to be vexing the product-driven parts of the economy.

What you do involves the people side of matters. It’s where quality of service reigns, and so does the customer experience. And your customers want more, and they want better. And they will rate your service and share it on any number of social media platforms and what they say can impact your business – either positively or negatively.

Another big issue is that talent is hard to find and sometimes it’s harder to keep, and managing teams and projects efficiently is only getting more complex. That only makes the idea of keeping quality levels high and providing the best possible customer experiences all the more of an issue.

Then the continually mutating COVID-19 virus and variations in vaccination rates has meant that your team may be ready to be back in the office, while some of your clients prefer remote sessions. We all must be ready to stay flexible and work with what we have. And while technology did enable remote work, it did come with a degree of added complexity.

Key Market Factors

  • Increasing customer expectations for more and better.
  • Customers ratings are now a factor.
  • Growing shortage of skilled talent and resources
  • Managing a highly diverse workforce, including hybrid and remote workers
  • Increasing complexity of data, technologies, and systems

Embracing opportunities

With so much flux in your operating environment, how can you stay focused on your core business and know if any choice you might make is the best one? What’s the right way to determine better versus best?

In order to be confident you’re doing the right thing, work with a partner that can help you assess where you are today and then work with you to develop a plan to generate new sources of value from every aspect of your operations with managed options that you adopt on your terms.

One impactful way to do that is to embrace and maximize managed multi-cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Doing that start you on the process of becoming a more agile, future-ready, and customer-focused organization.

We know your industry

Tap into our extensive practical experience with clients just like you and across all the different variations of professional services organizations, and the understanding we’ve gained of how ERP solutions produce better outcomes for any organization that renders services as its main activity.

Benefit from our knowledge of how to identify and implement the technologies needed to improve all aspects of how people-driven processes function within organizations and among them with external stakeholders, from outreach, engagement, and scheduling to more nuanced and specialized interactions with your clients.

An effective way to stand apart from your competition is to deliver unique and exceptional client value by thinking differently about how your professional services firm operates.

Leveraging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and by leveraging innovative technologies and tools effectively enables you to undergo the same transformation that large organizations went in adopting ERP. They became more effective, efficient, and agile organization – and better equipped to respond when their customers’ needs rapidly evolved.

Customized solutions that fit your needs

We know that no matter what the nature of the services you’re providing, your clients all have different needs and you tailor how you engage with them accordingly. We understand that and approach your needs the same way – by connecting the unique way you operate today with the innovative future you need to reach.

We develop the tools and reports that can help ensure technology is a source of innovation and not just something else for you to manage.

We show you the art of the possible and work with you to make it a reality.

We can help whether you’re looking for a partner to help guide your ERP implementation or cloud migration. Or if you want to understand how to find greater efficiencies within the framework of how you operate today with fine-tuned processes that reduce waste with applied analytics.

ERP solutions in the services industry

How Syntax can help

Provide secure, integrated, and cloud-based ERP solutions that work across your operation’s value chain and promote innovation.

Develop a comprehensive managed public, private or hybrid cloud solution plan for your mission-critical applications.

Increase efficiency, productivity and agility across your applicable processes and systems.

Implement best practices that will enable strategic and operational performance.

Improve profitability by providing timely and accurate insights into areas that reduce profitability more than others.

Improve liquidity and cashflow by improving billing timeliness and accuracy.

We’ll always bring the A team

When you work with Syntax, you get a partner that brings industry-leading credentials and partnerships to the table. That gives us the ability to offer you the best options backing our managed multi-cloud ERP solutions, which we then can integrate and manage for you.

The highest standards

Syntax meets compliance standards for SAP hosting operations and SAP HANA operations, 39 different AWS technical certifications, the AICPA’s SAS 70 and SSAE 16 audit standards as well as SOC-1 and SOC-2 system-level control standards for security, and compliance with multiple other standard-setting organizations.

The right connections

We’ll bring our knowledge and partnerships with leading technology providers, so you get the right solution for your business; we are an SAP Gold Partner, Oracle Sell Partner, AWS Premier and Managed Service Provider Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and IBM Silver Partner.

Introducing the Global Professional Services Center of Excellence

The Syntax Global Professional Services Center of Excellence brings together experts from across our organization to develop, build, and implement leading edge, holistic manufacturing solutions.

Our Global Professional Services Center of Excellence allows us to:

  • Provide value quickly through improved and streamlined processes,
  • Ensure exceptional performance and delivery to you,
  • Leverage subject matter expertise from around the world,
  • Co-innovate with partners to develop unique solutions,
  • Drive innovation with real, measurable outcomes,
  • Share knowledge and best practices proactively,
  • Make sure we speak your language,
Cloud and ERP tools for service providers

Your future begins now

Our Global Professional Services Center of Excellence is ready to help you get started.
Contact us today and let us show you how to turn the possibilities of today into realities!