Application Management Services for SAP

Increasingly complex SAP landscapes, a shortage of qualified professionals looking for work and rising expectations from technical departments mean that in-house IT departments are hitting the limits of their capabilities. Through our Application Management Services (AMS) we look after the complete IT operation and support for your SAP system, professionally, cost-effectively, reliably and with the ability to grow with you. This frees up your CIO and your SAP experts to focus on the areas that really make a difference to your business.

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Simply trusting that it works – SAP Application Management Services are a good, tried-and-trusted way for companies to get the best out of their SAP landscape while keeping the head space free for strategic matters.

Flexible support

Through our SAP AMS our experts operate, support and extend SAP modules, processes and even the entire application on our customers’ behalf, during office hours or around the clock if needed, from Germany or around the world. You choose and we do the work. Ensuring that your SAP system runs smoothly.

Solutions, not problems

From first level to third level and beyond, we look after users’ problems, troubleshooting and also (further) development. Our ticket system and standardised, proven processes underpin a smooth-running response to let your users get on with their jobs.

Continual improvement

Our experts hold regular meetings with you to explore how you can make your SAP system’s IT processes more efficient, seeking out previously unused opportunities for optimisation. We improve your SAP system’s power and performance, continually and proactively.

International support

Wherever your company has offices, we have SAP experts in the region who not only understand the requirements (including compliance) of the region, but also speak your local users’ languages and are at home in their culture, to ensure the best possible cooperation.

Benefits of SAP AMS

In the day-to-day IT management of SAP applications, operations and support are key factors. Businesses need a specialist in every module they run, with the corresponding need for training and possibly even an international operations and support team. AMS provides the following advantages:

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Expertise around the clock

Companies have an open door to the SAP skills they need at any time, with the option for on-call support outside of regular support hours.

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Increased performance for IT departments

Faster resolution rates, increasing user satisfaction and more time for strategic tasks and activities that add value.

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Total transparency

Service providers can be measured and managed through service level agreements (SLAs). And with dashboards and cockpits that show real-time information, the CIO is kept in the picture at all times.

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IT cost certainty

With a clearly defined scope and agreed services, IT service providers can ensure you have a stable SAP system at transparent costs that you can plan for.

Are SAP AMS worth it?

There are many reasons why SAP Application Management Services are worth the cost. If you can answer “no” to one or more of the ten questions below, AMS could boost your business.

  1. Can you support all of the modules and interfaces used in your business?
  2. Do the resources you have to allocate align with the volume of work, and can your business sustain the required service periods?
  3. Are all of the resources working at the required volume of work (for example, are there sufficient tickets for each module you use)?
  4. Can you provide services in local time zones and languages to international offices?
  5. Do you have access to the necessary “redundant” capacities to help you cope in the case of illness, annual leave or unexpected peaks in activity?
  6. Can you adapt or further develop the SAP system with the resources available?
  7. Do you have the head space for strategic topics alongside your SAP operations?
  8. Do you have sufficient young qualified IT staff despite the shortage on the labour market?
  9. Have you got all of the potential and value out of your SAP system?
  10. Do you want to continue managing any or all of your old systems and new systems like S/4 yourself in the future?

Syntax AMS – why we stand out

Syntax offers companies complete Application Management Services from a single source, and provides them with ad-hoc or major support for management, maintenance and user services for SAP systems, flexibly and according to their needs. As a PCoE we can also offer 4th level support and licensing services. Syntax AMS can also transition to supporting consulting and implementation projects in response to larger challenges.

Native integration of AMS resources in your project means that there is no subsequent need for a large-scale handover to the AMS team when the project is completed, and no loss of information from having to coordinate with additional partners, for example. Syntax therefore ensures consistent, seamless AMS operation with a direct channel to SAP in the event that support cases turn out to be related to a software error. Application Management Services from Syntax mean proven processes, comprehensive experience, an international support organisation, flexible contracts, collegial collaboration, and ensuring that your SAP system runs smoothly.

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FAQ: Application Management Services

What is SAP AMS?

Application Management Services (AMS) comprise outsourced management, maintenance and user services for individual software systems provided by an IT service provider. The software can be installed in the customer’s own data centre or in a private or public cloud. The IT service provider accesses the system remotely and looks after the software as though it were the customer’s own IT department. The benefits of AMS include lower costs and greater flexibility. In addition, IT service providers specialise and thus have in-depth industry expertise which they combine with their experience to find the best solutions and optimisations. This is particularly useful for continual development of applications in respect of process optimisation, performance and security aspects.

What modules do we support with AMS?

SAP supports a range of business processes through its functional modules and makes them extensible so that customers can tailor their system to their own needs. The close relationship we have enjoyed with SAP over many years means that Syntax covers nearly all of SAP’s modules, with the exception of just a couple of industry and standalone solutions. We also have a range of resources at our disposal, regardless of release.