Syntax Enterprise Cloud

Managed private cloud services from our own Syntax data centres – welcome to Syntax Enterprise Cloud. We offer custom cloud services in our highly secure environment, so you can benefit from our decades of experience running mission-critical data centres.

The cloud solution for custom requirements

Some IT systems find their perfect home in the private cloud. For example, occasionally businesses find themselves with specific solution architectures and applications that demand more than the mandatory standards of the public cloud can support. And sometimes public cloud operations are prohibited by compliance rules.

Within the Syntax Enterprise Cloud we offer you individual hosting services that you can configure precisely to meet your company’s needs. We support all conceivable platforms and can effortlessly operate system architectures that do not meet current standards.

We work with you to develop a suitable operating and servicing concept. Whatever you need, from IaaS to PaaS or SaaS, for infrastructure, platforms, databases and software, we have the “as-a-service” model for you. In addition you can take advantage of extra layers of security that exceed the standard security options.

Advantages of Syntax Enterprise Cloud

The Syntax Enterprise Cloud is a key component in the cloud strategy of many companies. While the public cloud is well suited to almost standardised commoditised tasks, the Syntax private cloud offers important benefits for special applications:

  • Customisation
    The Syntax Enterprise Cloud is not dependent on a specific platform and can be configured exactly the way you need. Made to measure rather than off the peg.
  • Value
    You can run mission critical business processes such as production management just the way you want using Syntax Enterprise Cloud.
  • Hosting and administration
    Our data centres are located and managed in Europe, where they are bound by European data protection rules and and operated without the use of subcontractors.
  • Access and transparency
    Our customers know exactly where their data is located, who is managing their applications, and who to contact around the clock.
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