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Reasons why consulting services are key to a cloud project

By now, most companies have started to move their systems to cloud infrastructures, or have plans to do so in the short term. Moving IT to the cloud is an important decision, but before embarking on the change, it is necessary to understand what it involves, identify the challenges and find the best way to […]

Tips for making the most of cloud innovation

Migrating to the cloud allows companies, and specifically those that operate their business on SAP, to benefit from reduced maintenance times and faster upgrades, but also from the agility of the model, and this generates cost efficiencies, productivity and innovation. This last point is the focus of this article. In our last post, we summarized […]

Why are SAP customers migrating to the cloud?

Since 2017, Syntax has conducted annual studies together with the Americas SAP Users Group (ASUG), to take the pulse of the level of cloud adoption among this company’s customers. The latest of these has just been published and yields interesting conclusions, many of which can be extrapolated to other regions. In this post we summarize them. […]

AWS Security Solutions for SAP S/4HANA (V): Application Protection

Protecting cloud environments is not possible without ensuring application security. This is precisely the topic for this post, which is the last part of a series of technical blogposts that our expert Mario de Felipe has been preparing to help companies move their workloads to the cloud safely. The challenge for any company today is […]

AWS announcements in 2021 that benefit SAP customers

Amazon Web Services has made a number of announcements so far this year. Our experts have selected those that are of particular relevance to our customers, focusing on what will most help companies using SAP systems to optimize their cloud operations. In 2006, AWS began providing IT infrastructure services in the cloud, and since then […]