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Cloud: key strategies for meeting business goals

Moving IT operations to the cloud is strategic in order to meet business objectives. Our CTO, Ricardo Casanovas, has summarised in a webinar how to approach a project to migrate SAP management systems, which are critical for many companies, to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Cloud computing is the basis of the digital transformation […]

AWS Security Solutions for SAP S/4HANA (I): Identity and Access Management

Leading companies adopt SAP capabilities to meet their business requirements and respond quickly to the ever-changing marketplace. And as SAP transforms business processes through intelligent automation with its refreshed product set, so too does the security risk. As specialists in SAP and AWS environments and aware of the relevance this issue has for everyone, Mario […]

How to securely deploy SAP S/4HANA on AWS

Did you know that a cyber attack can cause more damage than a natural disaster? Faced with the escalation of attacks against security, we have addressed in a webinar the keys to implement SAP S/4HANA securely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all those companies that are driving their digital transformation processes and have chosen […]

The secrets of a complex cloud migration, from a CIO’s perspective

The industrial group Simon, a multinational with production plants in nine countries and presence in more than 90 countries, carried out the migration of its SAP systems to the AWS public cloud, in order to respond to the agility needs of its business units. The CIO, David Xicota, shared his experience in a session, in […]

FinOps for a better control of costs in the cloud: keys and benefits

Can a company optimise its cloud costs without gaining visibility and understanding of all the variables that influence pricing? The key to improving cloud financial management is FinOps, a methodology that should be familiar to all companies already in the cloud and those planning to move to it. Can a cloud project be considered a […]

4 key steps before migrating a SAP environment to the cloud

An ERP is a system that interfaces with many business processes, so it is at the heart of many companies’ systems. This has sometimes been a reason for postponing its migration to the cloud. However, with cloud now firmly established as the foundation of digital strategies, companies are exploring the possibilities of moving management systems […]

Five advantages of migrating your SAP systems to the cloud

One way to take the pulse of organisations’ progress in their digital transformation processes is to take a look at the evolution of the cloud as well as its progress  and cloud strategies on the CIOs agenda, according to the analysis firm Gartner. If we stick to the public cloud, Gartner forecasts that, over the […]

How to succeed in your AWS Cloud migration project

How do you carry out a smooth cloud migration project? What is the methodology and best practices that lead to success? This week we answer these questions based on Cepsa’s experience in a project involving Syntax and AWS Professional Services. The three companies, Cepsa, AWS and Syntax, have teamed up to bring together in a webinar […]