Syntax SAP Managed Services on AWS
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Full support and maintenance, maximizing your SAP infrastructure running on AWS. Syntax and AWS Managed Services (AMS) have partnered to offer you the most dedicated technical support for your SAP systems operating on AWS.

Overview of our SAP Managed Services
together with AWS AMS

Through this joint offering, we can help you optimize all your daily SAP IT operations. Thanks to our technical expertise as an AWS Premier Partner with the SAP Competency, Syntax combines excellent customer service with the capacity to increase scalability, high availability while maintaining your systems secured and up to date avoiding down-times. All this at the same time as keeping full control of the costs using DevOps and automation methodologies as well as economic strategies behind AWS consumption instances.

Syntax offering around SAP Managed Services

On top of the AMS proved methodology, Syntax is adding an extra layer of expertise and dedicated support leveraging a cloud native operating model.

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Why Syntax SAP Managed Services: our difference

Syntax is a leading managed cloud provider for mission-critical enterprise applications. With over 1,000 ERP customers migrated, Syntax is a pioneer migrating ERP workloads while layering a unique IP built on AWS. We have undisputed strength to implement and manage ERP deployments in a secure and resilient public cloud environment. We also bring 40+ years of SAP experience. We are a Global SAP Certified Application Management and a Global SAP Certified Hosting including HANA partner.

All in all, Syntax provides cloud-enabled next-generation managed services for SAP customers running on AWS applying DevOps to improve the security, operations, and resiliency of SAP workloads on AWS.

At Syntax we also deliver tailored Service Awareness Workshops to help define the SAP platform roadmap to the cloud that better matches our customer´s needs.

Key Benefits

Our capabilities around SAP Managed Services together with AWS AMS can bring your organization many benefits on the operational, infrastructure and strategy level.

Looking after the operation of your SAP cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services we will ensure that KPIs and customer business targets are met. Our tactical and operational support will create the optimum governance system for your SAP on AWS systems.

SAP Managed Service Benefits:

  • Automate SAP Operations
  • Enforce security & compliance
  • Maximize SAP reliability
  • Improve SAP platform resiliency
  • Innovation platform for the intelligent enterprise

AWS Infrastructure Managed Service Benefits:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Empower your IT team
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Accelerate migrations
  • Focus on innovation