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AWS Security Solutions for SAP S/4HANA (V): Application Protection

Protecting cloud environments is not possible without ensuring application security. This is precisely the topic for this post, which is the last part of a series of technical blogposts that our expert Mario de Felipe has been preparing to help companies move their workloads to the cloud safely. The challenge for any company today is […]

AWS Security Solutions for SAP S/4HANA (III): Infrastructure Protection

This week our post is dedicated to understanding the most important AWS Services for SAP workloads. This is the third article of the five in the series written by our specialist Mario de Felipe so that companies can address their migrations to the AWS cloud with the necessary security guarantees.  After the two previous blogposts, […]

How to secure your SAP data on AWS

Cybersecurity has become a business concern at the highest level, following a year in which the risk of cyber-attacks has grown, increasing in both number and severity. As workloads and applications move to the cloud, securing this environment is key. If you are concerned about how to secure your SAP data, here are some of […]

Cloud + IoT + Big Data, the perfect mix to exploit the Data Economy

Digital transformation is inexorably leading us to the Data Economy, which is becoming an asset, so mastering it skillfully is essential to exploit the full potential of the current moment, marked by changes and the redefinition of the future. Three technologies are featuring the research firms’ analyses, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, […]

Top 10 CIO Priorities: Keys to Technology Leadership

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus is a global challenge with consequences at all levels, and technology is playing an essential role in the response to contain it and mitigate its impact by serving as a basis for evolving towards more digital models, in the way we relate, work, entertain ourselves or consume. Societies and […]

Five capabilities that make Amazon Connect an unbeatable contact center solution

As you know, Syntax has made an important commitment to Amazon Connect, the contact center service with which Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers organisations a powerful omnichannel, cloud-based solution to digitise customer relations. It now has five new features that make it a truly differentiating option compared to traditional approaches and that will improve agent […]