Five capabilities that make Amazon Connect an unbeatable contact center solution

As you know, Syntax has made an important commitment to Amazon Connect, the contact center service with which Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers organisations a powerful omnichannel, cloud-based solution to digitise customer relations. It now has five new features that make it a truly differentiating option compared to traditional approaches and that will improve agent productivity and offer a more personalised and satisfactory experience to customers.

In this post we take a closer look at each of the solution’s new capabilities and how to leverage them for maximum performance and integration.

Amazon Connect Wisdom: Real-time troubleshooting support (available in preview)

Using AWS learning technology, this functionality can infer and organise content from proprietary or third-party databases, along with pre-built connectors for Salesforce and ServiceNow.

In addition, Wisdom uses natural language processing (NLP) to detect customers’ needs during the call and provide information to resolve issues in real time by providing response recommendations for the contact center agent. This functionality eliminates the inconvenience caused by scattered databases or silos that waste time.

Customer Profiles: one unified profile per customer

This functionality scans and compares records from various applications to provide unified data such as contact numbers or account IDs. It also combines information contained in contact center history with data from other channels such as CRM, e-commerce and logistics interactions, once a call is received or a chat is initiated. The result is more personalised and holistic customer service.

Real-Time Contact Lens: real-time customer experience analysis

With this new functionality, AWS facilitates the management of interactions through a call transcript, which is associated with a positive or negative score. It is also capable of detecting keywords, phrases or variables for interpreting emotions and satisfaction. However, the biggest new feature is the real-time analysis of signals that alert the agent if the interaction with the customer is not positive and the facility to send the transcript to managers when contacts are transferred.


Amazon Connect Tasks: Automation for Increased Productivity 

This functionality is designed to automate agent management tasks through pre-built connectors with CRM and proprietary applications. With it, service managers can assign and prioritise agent tasks based on different criteria such as the skills of their staff and, in this way, organisations can achieve a 30% increase in productivity.

The new feature also allows agents and managers to create their own tasks and workflows.

Amazon Voice ID: real-time customer authentication

Using machine learning from the contact center, it is possible to perform voice recognition without having to ask questions or interrupt the conversation with the customer. Voice ID analyses aspects such as pitch, timbre and rhythm during the first few seconds of the call, and this leaves a voiceprint that is used to authenticate the next contact. This is a capability that adds security to the Amazon Connect platform, improves the customer experience and increases agent productivity.

All of these new features are in addition to existing ones, such as ease of use, rapid deployment and scalability.

Syntax already has proven experience in implementing this solution. The company has helped Madrileña Red de Gas to establish the basis of its customer-centric omnichannel strategy, a project that has attracted the attention of IDC in an analysis (Link to analysis), in which it underlines that the Spanish company is an “example of digital transition”.

We can guide you through how your company can get the most out of Amazon Connect, whatever your contact center needs.