Managed Services in the AWS Cloud

Whether companies are planning a transition to SAP S/4HANA or looking to deploy new applications, the operating platform of choice today is increasingly found in the public cloud. Features such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, almost unlimited computing power and much more await. Welcome to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Syntax Managed AWS Cloud.

Managed AWS Cloud: our services for enterprises

Managed AWS Cloud Services let customers make the most of AWS, guaranteeing compliance and security, benefiting from cost advantages and relief the IT workload, all from a single provider with value-added services.


Analysis, consulting and AWS cloud migration

We examine the finest details of the system landscape, clarify customers’ requirements and objectives and work with them to develop a strategy, identifying a lighthouse project to kick-start their journey to the cloud. We then use tried-and-tested processes and methods to carry out the migration and ensure it runs smoothly.

Operations, monitoring and troubleshooting

Even virtual servers located in the public cloud can go down. We monitor all systems around the clock and put in place high availability and disaster recovery plans, extending storage space for databases and other resources automatically if required.

Right-sized cost

Cloud resources are not especially cheap. To make real cost savings with AWS cloud you can stipulate the amount of time each resource will be used, and book and reserve just the capacity and performance you need. Syntax analyses customers’ requirements and optimises the resource allocation accordingly all the time.

Intelligent Autonomous Platform

This platform not only provides our customers with a standard operating model, it also gives them a Quick Setup tool for a lightning fast start to using Managed AWS Cloud, with a high level of automation, reliable monitoring, comprehensive security and backups and scheduling. IAP is based on 10 years of practical experience using AWS.

AWS Cloud-Migration

Companies can move entire workloads to the AWS cloud. Syntax Managed AWS Cloud Services include tried-and-tested cloud migration strategies to ensure your outsourcing project to transition to the AWS infrastructure succeeds. Every AWS cloud migration that we carry out is based on the customer’s individual requirements, using tools such as CloudEndure or SAP’s own migration tools for an efficient process, which we base on the 6 ‘R’s.



An application or process is moved to the AWS infrastructure using a “lift and shift” method.


An application is updated and minor adaptations made for the AWS cloud to take better advantage of its benefits.

Refactoring (architecture)

The application is customised for the AWS infrastructure or redeveloped to exploit significant cloud-specific benefits.


Applications that are not compatible with the cloud or that would be better implemented by a native cloud function are replaced.


Legacy applications continue to be operated in the data centre, or in the Syntax Private Cloud in the future.


Unused and end-of-life applications are not migrated.

AWS Cloud Compliance

Syntax AWS Managed Cloud customers benefit from comprehensive IT security, with no-worries compliance and security in the AWS cloud. They retain possession and control of all of their data and, with AWS data centres located in the European Union, compliance requirements for data storage in the EU can also be met in line with legislation.

AWS Cloud Compliance includes numerous security standards and diverse compliance certifications such as PCI-DSS, C5, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, FIPS 140-2 and NIST 800-171. This means that nearly every compliance requirement can be met in a very large number of industries. In addition, AWS features the utmost in physical and network security and strong DDoS protections.

Syntax uses AWS Cloud Compliance and Security Services such as AWS Cloud Trail and AWS Cloud Watch for infrastructure monitoring as well as logging of all modifications and accesses, AWS Guard Duty as a machine-learning-based thread detection tool to identify anomalies in data streams, a self-monitoring ephemeral firewall, and AWS KMS (Key Management Service) with the option of encrypting every data transmission and storage transaction with the customer’s own certificates or certificates provided by AWS. And thanks to ITIL-certified processes, Syntax can control and manage the AWS services in accordance with best practices on its customers’ behalf.

Machine Learning with AWS SageMaker and AWS SageMaker DataWrangler

Well-founded strategic decisions can only be made when data becomes information. Analytics algorithms that are constantly optimised through machine learning (ML) form the basis for new findings and shed light on previously unknown connections. Syntax supports businesses that want to exploit the powerful technologies offered by these two AWS services:

AWS SageMaker

This toolbox gives data scientists the instruments to customise standard statistical models and adapt them to the requirements of the business. The tools are used to create, train and implement algorithms that are self-learning and improving. AWS SageMaker also includes finished ML applications that can be deployed immediately.

AWS SageMaker DataWrangler

The outputs from an analysis are only as good as the quality of the underlying data, especially where complex machine learning algorithms are concerned. Data harmonisation is time-consuming, but with AWS SageMaker DataWrangler, raw data from a variety of sources can be integrated at a click and harmonised, transformed and combined in just a few minutes thanks to more than 300 integrated data transformations.

Official: Syntax is a leader for SAP on AWS

Syntax has been named as a leading IT service provider for SAP on AWS workloads, a title confirmed by the ISG Provider Lens AWS-Ecosystem Partners Quadrant Report Germany 2021. Analysts from the market research and advisory business highlighted in particular our SAP expertise based on more than four decades of experience. In addition, the experts were won over by our comprehensive portfolio of services. These range from Application Management Services, Managed Security and Managed Data, to SAP implementation and migration services, all available to our customers through a single point of contact. Syntax’s top ranking was also reinforced by the constant expansion to our portfolio, such as introduction of the CxLink product family for integration of Amazon S3 Storage for a range of applications including back-up, data lake building and archiving.

AWS SAP Workloads Badge Europe

Managed AWS Cloud: Deployment scenario

A customer had operated its SAP landscape and business-critical applications in the Syntax Private Cloud for many years. New directives from the parent company now required it to migrate its IT to the public cloud. The aim of the project was to optimise costs without compromising quality. Syntax worked with the customer and identified AWS as offering the best mix of costs, performance, functionality and potential for innovation. The experienced team of Syntax SAP consultants ensured there was a seamless transition to S/4HANA and looked after the migration of additional SAP applications from the private cloud to the public cloud. Thanks to the Syntax CxHub with its numerous monitoring features, the customer immediately enjoyed real-time insights from its entire AWS environment. In addition, the company benefited from the optimised costs, security, flexibility, multiple features and transparency of the public cloud solution. It has given the customer a high availability, scalable system that features many other disaster recovery options, an isolated test environment and an optimised, tailored SAP environment.

Managed AWS Cloud Services from Syntax

Would you rather train up your own SAP and AWS experts, introduce them to new operating models, identify potential configuration traps, develop your own security measures, implement services and then carry on operating, maintaining and administrating the whole system? Or instead outsource these concerns to the specialists and get a kick-start in the cloud. Syntax quickly provides customers with a stable AWS environment that is tailored to their requirements.

  • With 10 years of experience in AWS and an in-depth understanding of the technology and how the cloud works
  • Leading provider of SAP on AWS
  • Analysis, consultancy, strategy development, migration, governance modelling and operation – all from one provider who has compliance requirements in sight at all times
  • We optimise system landscapes for operation in the cloud
  • Intelligent Autonomous Platform with numerous automation options in an AWS Quick-Start Setup and CxHub for maximum transparency of the cloud solution
  • An individual environment for every customer, with no shared resources
  • We introduce companies safely to the AWS landing zone, create confidence in the cloud and ensure smooth operations.
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FAQ: Managed AWS Cloud

What sort of cloud computing products does AWS support?

The main feature of cloud computing is that companies no longer need to look after their own data centre infrastructure. AWS supports a variety of cloud computing provisioning options tailored to meet customers’ requirements. For the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) option, AWS provides networking, compute and storage services. Its Platform as a Service (PaaS) option adds the operating system layer on top of the compute service (normally virtualised) so that customers only need to manage their own applications. The next level of services comprises fully managed options such as AWS RDS – database systems that are operated completely by AWS, including high availability and disaster recovery features. In addition, AWS provides complete IT platforms for serverless and container technologies, as well as development platforms and an entire IIoT integration toolkit. The diverse range of functionality is continuing to grow.

AWS partners like Syntax also provide additional services in the form of operation of standard software solutions like SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. These solutions can be underpinned by service levels per application. Syntax then looks after the full management of the application on the AWS platform, from migration to operation and maintenance.

What are the benefits of the AWS cloud?

Amazon Web Services is the world’s largest and most frequently used cloud platform. Its key benefits:

  • It offers over 175 services in data centres that are distributed around the globe.
  • AWS has the lowest level of downtime of all hyperscalers
  • Most innovative platform including services for IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics
  • Clear sustainability targets
  • Highly customer oriented