Certified AWS Competencies

Syntax is a member of the AWS Competency Program thanks to its long-standing experience of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS only grants membership of this exclusive program to companies that have demonstrated the technical capabilities alongside a track record of successful customer projects. Every one of the required competencies is tested through a comprehensive audit process. We are proud to have been awarded this certification in six different areas.

SAP (on AWS) Competency

As a SAP on AWS competency partner, Syntax supports its customers in modernising and transforming their SAP systems. Together, we lay the foundations for new business models and fully leverage the company’s innovation potential using the AWS Cloud.
From the 200 AWS Services available, we select those that will drive our customers’ SAP operations on quickly, effectively and sustainably, by integrating new technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), IoT (the Internet of Things), data lakes and analytics for example.

We also offer our customer various products and services of our own for AWS.

AWS Migration Competency

As an AWS Migration Competency Partner, Syntax ensures that the migration of infrastructure and applications to the AWS Cloud just works, without affecting your ongoing business operations. We also support our customers with comprehensive consulting in advance of the actual migration process. Working in cooperation with them, we develop a customised concept to ensure that the new environment is an ideal match for the company’s business requirements. We then use the latest tools and methods to carry out the actual migration and also operate the AWS Cloud solution if needed. The value propositions required by Amazon for certification are at the heart of what we do: security of operations, efficiency and operational excellence (OpEx) for constant optimisation.
When you choose Syntax as your AWS Migration Competency Partner you can rest safe in the knowledge that you have the best partner for your journey into the cloud, no matter what migration variant you choose:

  • Re-hosting: “Lift and shift” migration to the cloud without changing the migrated systems or applications
  • Re-platforming: Migration of data and workloads to a modified architecture that has been optimised for the AWS Cloud
  • Re-factoring: A complete overhaul and customisation to exploit all the advantages of the AWS Cloud

AWS DevOps Competency

DevOps lets companies take full advantage of the AWS Cloud. It provides the methodology for integration of operations and development, while AWS as the platform contributes the tools necessary for implementation.

As a certified AWS DevOps Competency Partner we make sure you can profit from all the advantages of DevOps.

  • Improved infrastructure: We make your infrastructure cost-effective, agile, efficient and more resilient.
  • Optimised maintenance: Using DevOps we can improve maintenance and system updates for the deployed solutions.
  • Continual updates: We use new trends and cloud technologies such as the serverless model for service-oriented architectures and in order to roll out software updates even more quickly.
  • Scalability: The scalable infrastructure we have developed can be optimised to customer usage patterns.
  • Automation: We automate recurring processes so that your IT team can focus all their energies on creating value.
  • Higher productivity: Using AWS for operations we can make your processes more efficient and thus reduce time-to-market.

AWS Well-Architected Competency

The AWS Well-Architected framework contains the key concepts, design principles and best practices for a customised cloud architecture. As an AWS Well-Architected competency partner, Syntax supports your business in ensuring your workloads are ready for the AWS Cloud so you can get optimum benefit.

Every certified AWS Well-Architected competency partner has undergone a comprehensive audit to prove that it can provide its customers with an architecture implementation based on the five pillars defined by AWS:

  • Operational Excellence (OpEx): We operate and monitor your systems and continually improve our support processes
  • Security: We protect your information, systems and assets, while offering added value for your business through risk evaluation and risk management
  • Cost optimisation: We cut unnecessary costs and tailor resources that have not been optimally deployed, keeping a constant watch on system efficiency and RoI
  • Reliability: Restoration of infrastructure and services is just as important a part of our service as requirements-oriented dynamic scaling of resources
  • Performance efficiency: We make efficient use of the available computing resources thus creating the basis for economically viable further technological refinement

AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency

The majority of the world’s business applications run on Windows as an operating system. With Syntax as your AWS Microsoft Workloads competency partner, you can combine the modernisations from these applications with the flexibility and cost efficiency of the AWS Cloud.

We can offer companies a range of services thanks to our certified competencies:

  • Database solutions: We make legacy SQL Server installations ready for services such as Amazon Aurora and Amazon Redshift, or migrate workloads to Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS.
  • Migration of Microsoft workloads: We use technologies that help us evaluate and plan in advance of the migration, or to automate and manage the migration of Microsoft workloads
  • Optimisation of operations: We deploy technologies to optimise and automate Microsoft workloads in areas such as security, availability and administration
  • Data, analytics and machine learning: Technologies for preparing, converting, analysing and managing Microsoft SQL Server data for data analysis and machine learning

AWS Nonprofit Competency

The cloud doesn’t just help to optimise profit-making business processes. Lower costs and efficiency improvements are especially important to nonprofit organisations (NPOs) that by definition don’t seek a profit. AWS Nonprofit competency partners assist almost 22,000 NPOs worldwide with solutions for donation management and marketing, fundraising and operations, not to mention many different consultancy services.

As an APN Consulting Partner, Syntax supports NPOs in the following specific areas:

  • Reducing infrastructure costs
  • Dynamic real-time scaling of resources according to needs
  • Improved and faster provisioning
  • Round-the-clock availability of data
  • Cloud security
  • Compliance with legal requirements

AWS Amazon Connect Competency

As an AWS Amazon Connect partner, Syntax supports businesses in optimising their customer communications, with a more flexible and efficient solution using Amazon Connect to create an omni-channel contact centre in the cloud. Amazon Connect lets businesses improve their customer service while simultaneously cutting costs thanks to permanent technological development cycles.

We support you in moving your contact centre to the cloud, whatever requirements you have:

  • Upgrade – lift & shift: Does your existing contact centre run on an outdated infrastructure, incurring high costs and in need of an upgrade? Migrating it to the cloud will give you the boost you need, with fast results.
  • Expand – scalability: Take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud at short notice when demand peaks temporarily, such as during a Black Friday campaign or on a recurring basis during your monthly billing period.
  • Modernise – optimisation: With features such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis or voice recognition with Alexa, Amazon Connect offers innovative technologies and makes your contact centre state-of-the-art.