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When SAP application data is archived, your business’s SAP systems will require increasing amounts of storage over time. As a result, they become slower, more expensive and less manageable. There is a solution, however. You can use CxLink Archive to move your archived data to an Amazon S3 instance running in the AWS Cloud.

What is CxLink Archive?

CxLink Archive is a lean cloud solution that allows businesses to easily and cheaply archive their SAP application data to an Amazon S3 instance in the AWS cloud. It doesn’t matter what operating model is being used to run the SAP applications, or where they are located. CxLink Archive creates a stable connection between the SAP applications and the archived data. Reserving additional AWS storage is simple to do as data volumes increase, and significantly cheaper and less complicated than expanding your own server capacity.

CxLink Archive integrates with the existing SAP management functions used by your business to define routines for automated archiving in line with your compliance and governance rules. That means that you decide what data to move to the archive from the system, when to move it and how long to keep it for.

CxLink Archive has SAP certification and can be purchased through the AWS Marketplace or the SAP Store.

CxLink Archive functionality

CxLink Archive provides businesses with precisely the functions they need for archiving SAP data. By focusing just on this issue, the powerful solution is easy to use and does not require a great deal of administration.

SAP data archiving

CxLink Archive can store and archive data from SAP applications in the AWS cloud, outside of the actual SAP environment. Once it has been configured, the solution looks after this task so that users notice nothing different compared with data being saved in SAP as normal.

Data management

The solution offers a transparent, easy-to-use set of configuration options to automate the data archiving and management.

Encryption and data security

The data archived in CxLink Archive can be encrypted according to a range of schemes and security levels. The high standards of the AWS cloud solution mean that data security and availability are guaranteed at all times.

Global access

A simple-to-configure integrated permissions management system allows businesses to integrate data archived centrally in a range of SAP applications around the world.

CxLink Archive benefits

CxLink Archive takes the weight off the shoulders of IT departments when it comes to repetitive tasks that take time but don’t add value. CxLink Archive therefore gives them more time for what is important.

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Low cost

Thanks to cloud technology and lean architecture, CxLink Archive is much less expensive than comparable solutions.

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Businesses can easily expand or reduce their cloud capacity as their archiving requirement grows or reduces.

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Ease of use

Internal IT teams no longer need to look after operations, security and management of storage systems for archived SAP data.

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Compliant and tamper-proof

CxLink Archive can be configured in accordance with the latest compliance and governance requirements, and guarantees legally compliant archiving around the clock.

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Secure and available

The high level of security offered by the AWS cloud ensures that your archived SAP data will not go missing or end up in the wrong hands.

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