Syntax i.4 Solutions

What do we do when different customers in different industrial segments have the same questions, again and again? We pool the answers, our expertise and our project experience to create solutions that can be implemented quickly and without a fuss in any industrial enterprise: the Syntax i.4 Solutions.


Syntax Industrial IoT Portal

Enterprises use the Syntax Industrial IoT Portal in a public cloud operation to get the most out of their connected production systems. You can combine machine data from a variety of sources to give you the opportunity for central monitoring and control. The portal therefore creates the basis for digital management of plant, new business models and value-added services. It opens up new doors for customer service.

Syntax Logismo app

The practical Syntax Logismo app brings S/4HANA logistics applications to smart phones and other mobile devices. Employees in production and the warehouse, as well as other staff, can use the app to enter data into the SAP system and query information directly on their hand-held system (including tablets, for example). Handwritten notes and multiple trips back and forth between machines or shelves and workstation computers are a thing of the past as you take an important step towards paper-free production.

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